7 Creative Master and Apprentice Relationships in Games

One of the most common relationships in video games is the mentor-student relationship. When you hear these terms, your mind may turn to a wise old martial artist teaching his craft to a bright-eyed pupil.

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However, these relationships do not have to be structured as such. Sometimes mentorship is formed organically, and it can be between two people of the same age. The only requirement for this kind of bonding is for one of the characters to teach another – at least, you start this way. Here are several of the most notable examples of this in gaming history.

The Gamer video today

Metal Gear Solid 3 allows you to watch the futuristic Big Boss in action before he became a legendary soldier. Instead, he looks to the most famous soldier of his time, The Boss. Most of the mentoring part of their relationship happens before the match, but you can hear all about it.

It turns out The Boss taught Snake pretty much everything he knows about fighting, survival, and espionage. Unfortunately, they’re on different sides in MGS3 – albeit a little more complicated than that. The serpent even ordered the killing of the woman he respected more than anyone else. Much of the protagonist’s arc revolves around whether he has the desire and skill to defeat his former mentor.

6 Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Series)

While Shepard’s popularity is growing as the Mass Effect series continues, it’s actually been a huge problem right from the start. The same cannot be said of Garrus Vakarian, a minor officer still trying to find his way around. Turian is finally on the right track when he joins the Normandy crew and works with the Shepard.

During their adventures together, the two become good friends and maybe even lovers. However, there’s also a teacher-student side to their relationship, where Garrus is always looking for his leader for guidance – especially in the first game. As a player, you can even have some control over this, because your choices and your interactions with Garrus shape his character.

5 Dutch van der Linde and Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2)

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Dutch act as the charismatic leader of the Van Der Linde gang. Most of his crew are like his kids, whom he mentored from a young age. Most notable is the protagonist Arthur Morgan.

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Along with Hosea, the Dutch taught Arthur how to be and live outside the law. I also show him how to read and write. And he was definitely a better father figure than Arthur’s actual father. This is why Morgan is so loyal to man during RDR2. However, during the match, the Dutch start to change and become a worse version of himself. Then Arthur must decide where his loyalties lie now.

4 Lee Everett and Clementine (The Walking Dead: Season 1)

At the beginning of the first season of TellTale’s The Walking Dead, Lee Everett finds little Clementine hiding in a tree house. From there, he acts as the girl’s protector amid a zombie outbreak. After a while, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to protect her forever. Therefore, he begins to teach her various tips and tricks that she can use to survive.

While he’s still defending her throughout Season 1, she’s proven to be more capable as time goes on. In later seasons, Clementine grows up and becomes the main protagonist. She never forgot what she taught me.

3 Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake (Anonymous Series)

Sully and Nate are among the best duo in gaming history. The two treasure hunters epitomize the phrase “as thick as thieves” as they stick together throughout the entire series. The flashback in Uncharted 3 gives more insight into their relationship.

Sullivan discovered Nate in Columbia when the latter was just a teenage thief. At that time, Sully helped the baby out and took him under his wing. Under the guidance of an experienced criminal, Drake has become the excellent explorer and fighter who is in the games. He even outsmarts his mentor, who never seems to bother Sulli.

2 Michael de Santa and Franklin Clinton (Grand Theft Auto 5)

Franklin Clinton is an ambitious criminal. At the beginning of GTA 5, he was “reclaiming” cars for the owner of the twisted dealership, Simeon, but he is striving for more. He gets a chance to increase his standing in the criminal world when he meets a retired robber named Michael De Santa.

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At first, Michael is reluctant to help Franklin. However, when he needs to make some money, he comes out of retirement and takes Franklin on the trip. For the rest of the game, the two, along with the unpredictable Trevor Phillips, do all kinds of jobs together. Under Michael’s supervision, Franklin becomes a master killer and a thief in his own right. It is up to you how his relationship with his mentor ends.

1 Geralt Rivia and Ciri (The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt)

Ciri is naturally one of the most powerful characters in RPG history because of the special Elder Blood in her veins, which gives her magical powers. However, her impressive sword skills come from her Witcher training. This happened before the events of The Witcher 3 where she spent much of her childhood in Kaer Morhen, learning from many Witchers.

Geralt was among her most prominent teachers. The two actually shared a strong bond with the grizzly protagonist being her adoptive father. Their relationship is a little different in The Witcher 3 because she no longer needs to learn how to swing a sword. But he’s still her guide, because your choices like Geralt affect how she sees herself and ultimately influence the ending of her story.

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