Avatar Re-Release earns $877,000 in International Box Office

as such James Cameron science fiction epic symbol picture The film is gearing up for its triumphant return to theaters on Friday, and the film has already made a profit in several international markets. To date, the film has already collected 877 thousand dollars at the international box office. The film was released early in five international markets, including France, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and the Philippines.

The film’s re-release in France rose to the top as symbol picture Opened number one at the box office, grossing $513,000, an 8% increase over the 3D theatrical re-release of Titanic In 2012. In Korea, symbol picture It grossed an additional $277,000 at the box office, debuting at number three behind two domestic films. The film also appeared at the top of the box office in Belgium, the Philippines, and in Saudi Arabia, and the film opened at number two at the box office, but specific numbers for these regions have not been reported.

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as such symbol picture Sweeping several markets, the film officially opened today in Mexico, Brazil, Italy and Germany. The film will expand to more theaters when it officially opens in the United States and other international markets on Friday. While it’s too early to tell how reflective that will be Gods Box office performance in the next two weeks, his early performance in other markets is showing good signs of a healthy start. The Shanghai Disney Resort also presented a special screening of the film to celebrate the opening of Avatar: Explore Pandora. but, symbol picture Won’t be back in theaters in China before Avatar: Water RoadIt was reissued there last year when it earned another $58 million.

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Gods The theatrical re-release comes amid anticipation for a long-awaited sequel, Avatar: Water Road, which is set to hit theaters on December 16. With the original film, which currently stands as the highest-grossing film of all time, in theaters, audiences will be able to re-experience the film in a whole new way. Now updated in stunning 4K HDR, Gods Returning to theaters could remind audiences of why they fell in love with the movie in the first place while boosting anticipation for a sequel later this year.

symbol picture This year comes after a new wave of theatrical re-releases of several films this year, including Which. T. extra floorAnd the jaws In 3D, an extended version of Spider-Man: There is no room for home. How The domestic performance of the film will be compared to these films. However, if the international box office is any indication, the film will likely make a strong return to theaters when it premieres Friday.

symbol picture Returns to theaters on September 23. Check out the official trailer for the theatrical re-release below:

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