Bleacher Report Predicts 2 Sixers Heading for NBA Awards


oel Embiid #21 from teammate James Harden in Philadelphia 76ers.

The stage is set for the NBA season as each team prepares to start training camp. Expectations are high for many of the teams around, and the Philadelphia 76ers are sure to feel the pressure. The organization failed to pass the second round of qualifying for five consecutive seasons and the tournament window began to narrow. However, there are plenty of reasons for optimism surrounding the team. James Harden now has a full sabbatical to become healthier and more familiar with his teammates while Joel Embiid remains at the prime of his career. Therese Maxi also took notable strides forward and emerged as the team’s third star.

Recent article by Zack Buckley reports from Bleacher He pointed to these reasons for optimism in his bold predictions for the upcoming season. In addition to some team success, the Sixers are expected to be active in the year-end awards. The article predicted that Embiid would finally win the MVP award and Harden would once again find himself on the All-NBA team.

Joel Embiid wins Player of the Year award

It is no secret how close Joel Embiid is to this prestigious award. The Kansas producer was the runner-up in successive seasons express his frustration on how to change award qualifications. The Sixers star was the favorite for the award for most of last season, but Nikola Jokic pounced on him to win it for the second year in a row.

If Embiid can reverse its production last year, as it was Average 30.6 points, 11.7 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 1.5 pieces, he will surely find himself among the top runners.

As currently, Embiid is listed as a file second favorite For the award – trailing only Luka Doncic. Voter fatigue, as well as reduced touches due to the return of Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr., may disqualify Jokic from running again. Was there only ever Three players To win the MVP award in three consecutive years (Bill Russell, Oscar Robinson, Larry Bird). Embiid certainly has the potential and will be looking to break his streak of coming in second during the 2022-23 season.

James Harden forms an all-NBA team

In his thirteen seasons in the NBA, James Harden has achieved All NBA team seven times. He was most recently honored for this achievement during the 2019-20 season in his last full season with the Houston Rockets.

While Harden’s perception has fallen dramatically, his numbers still appear to be going strong. In 21 games he played with the Sixers last season Average 21.0 points, 10.5 assists, and 7.1 rebounds per game. He gave the team the best playmaking industry he had ever seen and proved to be a killer pick-and-roll partner with Joel Embiid.

After taking a full break to recover from his hamstring injury and more time building chemistry with his Sixers teammates, there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about an increase in production. There has been quite a bit of talk about his decision to opt out of his $47.4 million player option this off-season in favor of a friendlier deal with the team. The Sixers benefited greatly from the additional money this provided, but the contract also gives Harden the option to withdraw after this season and negotiate a new deal.

If Harden is looking for another max contract, he’ll need to prove it through his play. Turning back the clock and producing to a high standard would definitely make The Sixers comfortable handing this money over. The star has proven to be one of the top 15 players in the NBA for almost his entire career and he will be looking to do so again in 2022-23. If that proves to be the case, and Harden gets the All-NBA honor, all parties involved are sure to be thrilled.


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