Celtics news: Brad Stevens rules out training return


Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics addressed the media in Friday, September 23, as they answered questions surrounding the current situation regarding suspended coach, Aimee Odoka.

During the press conference, Chief Basketball Operations Brad Stevens was asked if he was considering returning to the bench as head coach for next season. However, Stevens, who was the Celtics’ head coach between 2013-2021, was quick to drop that point of discussion, noting that Joe Mazzola was the best man in the job, and he didn’t consider a return to training a good thing for anyone. Participating party.

“Joe is the best option to do this (taking on the role of head coach) with a long shot. As you go through this whole process, it shocks you, but I think we have the best people to do it, and Joe is the best person to do it in our organization…definitely not. (Would he consider taking over as Technical Director) …There are a lot of factors as to why I wouldn’t necessarily want to, but I told Joe I’d be there for him without stepping on his toes,” Stevens said when asked about the possibility of returning to the coaches bench.

As such, we can expect Stevens to remain in his front office position moving forward, which means his current assignments continue to figure out how to fill out the three lists of candidates available in Boston while working alongside the Property Group on an ongoing investigation into the issues surrounding Udoka .

Mazola will be Boston’s interim coach

Shortly after the Celtics announced that Odoka would be suspended for the upcoming NBA season, news broke that assistant coach Joe Mazzola would be taking over as head coach with immediate effect.

During Celtics’ press conference on September 23Brad Stevens notes how the timing of the situation is not ideal for Mazola, who has no coaching experience, but he is the man for the job.

“Joe is going to take over. It’s not an easy timing for him or the rest of the staff. But he is an exceptionally sharp and talented person. I believe in him deeply and in his ability to lead people, his ability to rally the room and stand behind him, his ability to organize and understand everything that comes with managing a team during the season”, Stevens said.

Boston Celtics press conference: Wes Grosbeek and Brad Stevens discuss Ime Udoka’s commentWyc Grousbeck (Boston Celtics Governor) and Brad Stevens (Director of Basketball Operations) hold a press conference to talk about the one-year suspension of head coach Amy Odoka for violations of team policy and the appointment of assistant coach Joe Mazzola as interim head coach. CONNECT ➡️ – Subscribe to our channel: bit.ly/nbcsbostonYT – MyTeams App: …2022-09-23T16:01:59Z

Mazola, 34, has been with the Celtics since 2019 and got his first taste as head coach when he had the opportunity to lead Boston in the 2021 Summer League – He took them to the Summer League Finals before losing to Davon Mitchell and the Sacramento Kings.

Robert Williams’ recovery timeline has been revealed

In another blow to what is quickly becoming an off-season disaster for the Celtics, Robert Williams’ recovery schedule from knee surgery has been extended. aAccording to a press release issued by the team, Williams will now likely be out for eight to twelve weeks before being allowed to return to basketball activities.

To be clear, this means that until Williams is medically cleared, he won’t be able to participate in team practices, so once the doctors finally sign him back, the bouncy big man will need to slowly raise his fitness to a sustainable level before returning to court.

Williams’ postponement of his recovery timeline is just another blow, what seems to be an endless list of issues trudging through Brad Stevens’ office at the moment. A slump season that started so promisingly has turned into a nightmare, and it shows no sign of ending.


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