Eagles look forward to ‘Swing for the Fences’ on All-Pro Pass Rusher


Robert Quinn rushes quarterback against the Chicago Bears.

Two games do not define defense. As the Philadelphia Eagles struggle to get any type of pass to start the season, sacks are expected to come in. Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon isn’t worried about the numbers.

not yet. The Eagles ended up scoring Kissin in seven quarterbacks against Minnesota. They have three bags total in the year that ranks them No. 23 in the NFL Immediately. According to Gannon, Defense wins at a high rate even if production is not present. Fletcher Cox and Josh Sweet Both made it to Kirk Cousins ​​in Week 2.

β€œI think we win at a high rate. I think if we keep winning at a high rate, the production will come.” Gannon told reporters. “I saw some bags. A striptease bag from Fletch, Sweaty finished the game, and two of those picks were a four-man rush. Some guys won. They hit the quarterback. I love where we are now and this is another part of our game just like every part of our game we will always try.” Constantly improving and improving it.

“Swing for the Fences” on Robert Quinn Trade

The fact of the matter is that vultures don’t attack much, and prefer to apply pressure with their forehead of four men already below a man. Derek Barnett will miss the year with an ACL rupture. There has been talk in recent days about the team looking to replace Barnett.

Jason Pierre Paul It was one name that was put up there before he was signed with Baltimore. free agent Ndamkong Suh He is another man associated with Philly.

Here is another player to watch: Robert Quinn. The All-Pro pass for the Chicago Bears has been the subject of trade rumors going back to training camp. If the Bears – a team already in rebuilding mode – starts to free fall over the next few weeks, look for it to be available on the trade deadline.

Chase senior sports chat He went into great detail about how Quinn fit into Philadelphia’s plans. He speculated that the eagles might “swing for the fence” at Quinn’s trade. The 32-year-old may have been waking up there for years but his numbers did not fall. He was a professional bowler in 2021 when his sacks were 18.5 Second place in the league. Bottom line: Quinn can still compete at a very high level.

“There are teams like The Birds that need help with swiping, and he has three years left on his contract.” Senior said about Quinn. “Now looking at the age of 32, looking at the base salary here…a bit high, a bit expensive, but this guy can still play and he’s been doing it for a really long time.”

Quinn’s basic salary Major sticking points would be: $12.8 million (2022), $13.9 million (2023), $12.9 million (2024). He also brings Huge cover hits Apparently an albatross from a veteran’s necklace. However, this is a lights out pass game with 102 functional sacks since 2011.

Jason Pierre Paul officially signs in Baltimore

Scratch Jason Pierre Paul from Philly’s list of potential fast-passing options. The Baltimore Ravens They sign him to a one-year contract assuming he passes a physical exam. Adam Schefter from ESPN He was the first to report this move.

Pierre Paul, Triple Pro Bowler, scored 2.5 sacks last season for the Tampa Bay Pirates. He has 91.5 sacks over an impressive 12-year career, most of which has been with the New York Giants. Matt Lombardo Heviz described Pierre Paul as the “best” of the Eagles in free agency. Clearly, the talks between the two sides were not serious enough to warrant a contract.


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