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It’s time to prepare for spooky vibes with Magic: The Gathering’s new dark set, Dominaria United. Dominaria kicks off Magic’s 30th anniversary, bringing many new things to your Friday Night Magic table. Combined with new gameplay modes and a mix of genre inspiration, Dominaria United also puts a shine on one of the best parts of the chase: Planeswalkers.

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A good choice of Planeswalker that works with your deck building can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Each deck comes with new and unique cards, so it’s time to rank all the Planeswalkers of Dominaria United.

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4 Karen, Living Legacy

Karn is the golem of many artifacts. Originating from Dominaria, it’s totally at home in this group. Karn comes out with four loyalty counters and three loyalty abilities. Karn’s plus gives you one mana that you can use for anything other than casting nonartifact spells, while the minus allows you to use this mana to look at some extra cards in your library and keep one.

Planeswalker is best suited for decks that already have high mana pools stored, and best for gaining an edge in single play.

Minus seven in Karn depends on how many tokens and lands you have memorized. This gives you a banner that allows you to click on unused artifacts to deal one damage to targets. If you’re already running an Artifact platform with a lot of spare Mana, Karn is a good choice. Otherwise, it doesn’t amount to much.

3 Jaya, the fiery negotiator

This may be the last time we see Gaia as an aircraft surveillance card, and MTG is making it important. Jaya starts with a loyalty counter of four, and plus one summons the 1/1 red monk token brilliantly. Forage monks come in handy while you wait to unleash other loyal Gaia abilities.

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The ability minus one negates two cards and plays one for a quick acting during moments of stress. Minus 2 Gaia deals damage to a target creature equal to the number of your creatures attacking it. This is a pretty big increase in your damage, especially when you use a lot of creature tokens. Gaya is a game-changer for aggressive offensive red runs

2 Ajani, the sleeping agent

Agani is back and ready to go. When he’s not busy with the Pharisees, he’s still focused on battle and extremely vigilant. Ajani enters the plane with four loyalty meters and three abilities. If you use two lives to summon it instead of paying a white or green, it comes out with fewer loyalty counters.

Ajani’s plus one brings more creatures and Planeswalkers in your hand, so if you’re rolling with a deck with many Planeswalkers on it, Ajani is your go-to guy.

The loyalty minus three ability allows you to place three +1/+1 counters on up to three different creatures. These creatures also gain vigilance until the end of the turn. Ajani’s maximum ability is minus six, which gives your opponent poison counters when you cast a creature or Planeswalker. A suspicious freakish move, if you ask anyone else.

Either way, if you’re playing a standard match, Life Gain’s lineup with Ajani is sure to help.

1 Liliana from Hijab

The Liliana that everyone remembers is back from Innistrad and worse than ever at Dominaria United. Liliana enters with only three loyalty counters, and three devastating loyalty abilities.

Liliana’s abilities to let go and sacrifice are brutal in MTG Standard, and other formats aren’t far behind. It seems that the more players at the table, the more powerful Liliana becomes.

Her amazing ability minus six separates all the permanent elements of the target and forces them to choose which of them to sacrifice. Liliana is a powerful and desirable infantryman for any monochrome surface.

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