Final Destination 6 clicks on Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein to direct

Scary movies go on long after the credits are out, no doubt, but not many of them get under the skin quite like they do inevitable fate Franchise manages to do. Across five films, no one feels safe riding a roller coaster, waiting for a train to pass, going through a car wash, or, God forbid, driving behind semi-fallen logs. Just over a decade later, according to The Hollywood Reporterthe scary New Line Cinema franchise is re-launched Final destination 6Emmy Award Nominees Zach Lebowski And the Adam b. stein She is now officially linked directly.

Although news of the reboot has been circulating since 2019, partly the search for the right boss has halted New Line’s next death-defying entry. Reportedly, more than 200 candidates have stepped up for the job, but Lebowski and Stein, best known for their partnership in 2018 Freaks championship Emile Hirsch, which have proven their worth in leading the ongoing epic of death. Not only did the two bring great appreciation and knowledge to the series, but their show via Zoom was also a great display of ingenuity.

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According to THR, Lebowski and Stein sat down for a Zoom call with New Line Cinema executives and producers to present their show. Everything seemed to be going well, and as the meeting drew to a close, the fireplace mantle behind them caught fire. How is that for timing? After hastily putting out the flames, both directors took their seats to end the call when they were again interrupted by a mysterious creaking noise. At the moment the heart stopped, the overhead ceiling fan shattered, decapitating one of the directors. “The small part, using a mix of pre-recorded footage and visual effects, went smoothly and unabashedly showed their enthusiasm,” and Final destination 6 had them.

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While plot details are being kept for the sixth installment, we previously reported that the original writer and creator of the series Jeffrey Riddick He emphasized that the reboot will take some liberties when it comes to the typical franchise formula. however, Final destination 6 They will go on killing with a premonition, and a lot of unfortunate people will try to cheat on their way out of the death list. The current official story at the moment is that Final destination 6 It will follow a group of first responders who manage to escape a brutal death, unleashing the infamous killing spree one after another. The script is in good hands with Jay Busickthe author responsible for 2019 ready or not and 2022 ScreamAnd the Laurie Evans Taylor.

At this time, there are no team members associated with production, but Craig Berry And the Sheila Hanahan TaylorThe producers of the original movie will be back together Spider-Man: Homecomingboss John Watts And the Atlanta‘s Diane McGonigle.

You can see the original version inevitable fate trailer below:

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