Gray’s Anatomy Season 19 premiere reveals a six-month time jump

The new trailer for Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy reveals a six-month time jump between the end of Season 18 and the new episodes, which begin airing October 6.

new instinct anatomy The season 19 trailer reveals a six-month time jump for the show. After several episodes with the hospital educational program on the line, Gray Sloan Memorial lost its residency program accreditation for the season 18 finale, which aired in May. The episode also saw several characters leave the hospital, with Katherine and Richard taking leave, Billy quitting, and Owen and Teddy fleeing from Seattle after Owen’s illegal activities. The ending was also a big episode for Meredith, as Jackson asked her to serve as interim chief of surgery. She and Nick also got into an argument, with Meredith asking him to return to Minnesota before changing her mind.

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In the months since the 18th season ended, viewers have gotten a better idea of ​​what to expect instinct anatomy Season 19. The show will bring in five new interns as Gray Sloan looks to reclaim its place as the best teaching hospital. The new characters have been put in place to help fill the void left by Meredith who only appears in eight episodes as star Ellen Pompeo works on other projects. This would be a big change for instinct anatomyPompeo has missed quite a few of the show’s massive 400 episodes so far. In addition to introducing new interns, season 19 will bring back all of the current cast, with fan favorite Addison returning in a recurring role.

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Currently, ABC Released a new trailer for instinct anatomy Season 19 before returning next month. The video recycles some footage from a previously released feature, but new clips reveal a six-month time jump between the 18th season finale and the upcoming premiere. Check out the trailer below:

What does The Gray’s Anatomy Season 19 Jumping Time mean for the characters

he is smart instinct anatomy To jump ahead before season 19 for several reasons. First, it will speed up the storylines in a major way, particularly Meredith. Since Pompeo will appear in relatively few episodes this season, it makes sense that the writers are eager to jump into gritty stories like Meredith leading the Interns and seeing Nick after their time split. The time leap also means, as shown in the trailer, that Billy can return to the hospital without diminishing her decision to quit in the end. Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver are also back instinct anatomy Season 19, the six-month jump makes it easy to explain Owen and Teddy’s presence. It ensures that they have a built-in time to resolve their legal issues before returning to work at Gray Sloan Memorial.

The time leap is largely in the spirit of Rebirth that has been promoted as the season’s theme. However, the trailer makes it clear instinct anatomy Season 19 will never forget his roots, with Meredith referring to Lifts as a fun nod to the early seasons and her relationship with Derek. The trailer suggests an exciting season for both old viewers and those who are watching the series for the first time.

instinct anatomy Season 19 premieres Thursday, October 6 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

source: ABC

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