Gundam Evolution Lever Penalty: How to stop the ban on battles

Fans were especially disappointed at how harsh it was Punishment for leaving Gundam Evolution The system was during the launch of the game. When everything runs smoothly, this free multiplayer FPS can rival the likes of Overwatch, but the user reviews the game on steam “Mixed,” at the time of writing, due to the massive number of players who have been temporarily banned. While getting an evasion penalty is understandable for players who drop out of a ranked match, the penalty is applied in casual matches and disconnects due to server instability and game crashes.

How to avoid Gundam Evolution leavers penalties and ban fights

Gundam Evolution Lever Penalty

If you’re experiencing game crashes and sudden outages, it may be worth waiting for Bandai Namco to fix the servers. On September 23 The developer has acknowledged connectivity issues The game was suspended for several hours of maintenance. Accordingly, Bandai Namco is “adjusting leave penalties to be more lenient,” although it acknowledges this is only a “temporary measure” while the issue is investigated more thoroughly. In fact, despite the maintenance, Many users on Twitter are responding to the news They reported that they were still being blocked from the battle through no fault of their own.

Another temporary solution that you might want to try is to enter a match with a pre-made group of friends or competitors. game official discordThey would be good places to find players who have a stable connection and don’t quit at the end of a match, especially within the group search channels or #team recruiting channels. However, it was reported by Reddit user That team matchmaking system can make the mistake of not putting everyone on the same team in the same match. This appears to result in penalties being left for any team member who is not included, so you will remain at the mercy of the online game systems.

For more guides, here’s how to fix Gundam Evolution error code 0x09030302 (175), and here’s the Gundam Evolution release date for PS5, PS4, and Xbox consoles.

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