Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment now: Oxford Apartments Location

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Jeffrey Dahmer apartment in Milwaukee.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, features prominently in the new Netflix series about his life.

Dahmer, a serial killer and cannibal, had an apartment full of horrors – including painted skulls and body parts in the freezer, a barrel of leftover liquid, and a head in his refrigerator. These details come from press articles from the time they were accessed via and the testimony of the trial.

The apartment building no longer exists. It was demolished after Dahmer’s arrest. on TwitterMany people were surprised that Dahmer managed to kill so many people in a crowded apartment complex without being caught for long.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dahmer lived in Apartment 213

Milwaukee 924 North 25th Street Jeffrey Dahmers Former Home Oxford Apartments APT 213Filmed in July 2019 – A new follow up is coming soon. The Oxford Apartments 924 N. 25th Street used to be the home of Jeffrey Damers at the time he committed most of the murders. It has since been demolished. The point in the video where I did a spin on the Y is…2021-02-18T16:14:24Z

According to Cinemaholic, Dahmer moved into the apartment block at 924 North 25th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in May 1990.

It was in Apartment No. 213. In the building are 49 one-bedroom apartments, all occupied, according to Cinemaholic.

The apartments are located across from downtown Milwaukee in an area with a large black population.

Dahmer killed 12 of his victims in this apartment, According to Cinemaholic.

Morbid Tourism explains“The site is located in Milwaukee on 25th Street, just south of W State Street. The lawn is just next to the Cantona Court apartments, surrounded by a black steel-iron fencing to keep the public away.” See building photo over here.

Dahmer’s neighbors in the apartment building repeatedly complained about the bad smell

According to a 1992 article in The State of Wisconsin, accessed via, the manager of Oxford Apartments was Sopa Princewell.

Princewell testified that he had received complaints about “bad smells coming from Dahmer’s apartment”.

He entered the apartment three times to discuss complaints and Dahmer blamed the smell on a broken refrigerator and dead fish.

The newspaper reported that he was told he would be fired, but was arrested before that could happen.

A 1992 article in Appleton Post Crescent reported that most of Dahmer’s former neighbors had left the apartment block after his arrest.

“Sometimes I have dreams I still live across the hall from him and he’s there cutting and punching,” John Batchelor, then 25, said in an Associated Press article.

Only three people did not move.

That article said police found “bleached skulls and severed heads” in a “well-kept one-bedroom apartment.”

In that article, Princiwill said that the apartment complex had been trying to get new tenants for some time but that people were too afraid to live there.

When Dahmer was there, the stench from his apartment was so strong that people held their noses when walking past his door, according to that story.

The Oxford Apartments were destroyed in 1992

The apartment building was demolished.

In 1997, the Associated Press reported that tourists were “attracted to the site,” but it was a vacant lot with overgrown grass surrounded by a chain-link fence.

Attempts to develop it were unsuccessful.

The building was demolished.

That article says the building is a “terrible tourist attraction,” according to a woman who helped try to develop the property.

A woman living next door described the building as a “real circus” in the first year.

A group called Campus Circle destroyed the Oxford Apartments in 1992.

It has become a symbol of anger, pain, violence and death. It should be replaced by a sign of our commitment to supporting the healing process and working together as a community of people who care. “

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