Jeffrey Dahmer’s Army Mission: Did He Have Victims in Germany?

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Jeffrey Dahmer

The new Netflix series on Jeffrey Dahmer has renewed interest in the mission of a serial killer in the US Army.

Was Dahmer really in the army? Where was he stationed? Is it possible that he killed people in other countries? True, Dahmer served in the US Army, but he washed up due to alcohol abuse.

He was stationed in Germany, and was investigated for unsolved murders during that time period. However, he was not formally accused of committing any of it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Investigators considered whether Dahmer may have been linked to five maiming murders near a military base in Bombolder, Germany.

Jeffrey Dahmer

GTJeffrey Dahmer.

A 1991 article in the Edmonton Journal, accessed via, stated that police were looking into the possibility that Dahmer was “involved in five murders and maimings near a military base on which he served in Bombolder, Germany”.

However, Dahmer was never formally charged with these crimes.

The Associated Press also reported in 1991 that German police were investigating Dahmer for “five unsolved murders in central Germany during his time there”.

One of those deaths was of a 22-year-old motorcyclist named Erica Handschuh, who was strangled and stabbed in 1980. However, this death does not fit the profile of Dahmer’s victim, as it largely targeted gay men of color.

A 1991 series in the Akron Beacon Journal, also accessed by, reported that Dahmer was discharged from the military on March 26, 1981.

He was also in Florida for six months working in a sandwich shop in Miami Beach. This article notes that Dahmer was in Florida when 6-year-old Adam Walsh was kidnapped from a Sears store and beheaded. Dahmer denied killing Walsh.

The book “Killers of Cannibals” He says Baumholder’s connection to the unsolved murders is “abandoned because it is theoretically unlikely due to the presence of females among the victims”.

Two men accused of raping Dahmer in Germany

Jeffrey Dahmer cannibal

Mugshot / GettyWas Jeffrey Dahmer a cannibal?

According to The Independenta soldier named Preston Davis, who was working in a medical unit with Dahmer in the Army, is believed to have been drugged and raped by Dahmer inside an “armored vehicle”.

“Jeffrey raped me. I am grateful to be alive to tell the story.”

Another man, Billy Joe Capshaw, He told The IndependentHe was put in a room with Dahmer and ran out of a window after being raped eight to 10 times.

“I might have been raped eight to ten times, I don’t know. He would tie me to the bed with a carpool rope. He took all my clothes off me. He would beat me before raping me or hitting me afterwards.”

Capshaw complained and got a rape kit, but nothing was done. He was brought back to the room and again raped by Dahmer, the article says. The Independent reports that Dahmer eventually obtained his discharge.

Dahmer could not leave his room at the base without an escort at the end of his military service

mugshotJeffrey Dahmer

A 1991 article by Knight-Ridder News Service said that in the last two months of his time in the Army, Dahmer was confined to his room and “was not allowed to leave unaccompanied.”

The article stated that this was due to Dahmer’s “out of control alcoholism and determination to get out of the army”.

The military got him into an alcohol program but it didn’t work and he was discharged for alcohol abuse after two years and two months in the military, according to the story.

The story goes that Dahmer finished his basic training at Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama, before being sent to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, to train to be a medical specialist.

Initially, it was described as average to slightly above average.

According to that article, Dahmer had already been killed. His first known victim was Stephen Hicks, 18, a mobile hiker in Ohio.

This article says that other soldiers mocked him for “he was drunk most of the time”. While in the military he “spoke against the gay lifestyle”.

The article notes that he “often left the base in a taxi on Friday and disappeared until Sunday” and “was lonely without close friends.”

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