Jon Hamm welcomed the young Maverick stars

Top Gun: MaverickGlen Powell paid tribute to Hurricane star Jon Hamm, sharing how he welcomed the younger cast of the group. Released more than 35 years after the original Better hit theaters, Top Gun: Maverick Continues the story of Tom Cruise’s exciting pilot, Maverick. The film, directed by Joseph Kosinski, has garnered high reviews from audiences and critics alike and now grosses over $1.45 billion at the box office. While cruise is the hub Top Gun: MaverickThe film also introduces some new pilots to associate with.

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Unlike the first movie, in which Maverick was a trainee at the Top Gun Fighter Pilot School, the sequel sees Cruise’s character become a trainer, preparing a new group of recruits for a dangerous mission. Despite his commanding position, Maverick continues to be criticized by Admiral Bo “Cyclone” Simpson, who does not agree with Maverick’s methods and arrogant attitude. In addition to competing with the Cyclone, Maverick must also make a team from a divided group of recruits, which includes Miles Teller’s Rooster, Powell’s Hangman, Monica Barbaro’s Phoenix, Lewis Pullman’s Bob, and Jay Ellis’ Payback, all of whom play an important role Top Gun: MaverickExciting ending sequence.

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In response to a tweet in which she revealed that Hamm gave up part of his salary Admit it, Fletch For a few extra shooting days, Powell He shares his own story regarding the actor from Top Gun: Maverick. Powell calls importantgreat fellow“It is reported that upon arriving in San Diego to shoot the Better Continuing, Hamm treated all the younger cast members to dinner and made it clear that they could approach him for advice any time they wanted. Check out Powel’s tweet below:

Top Gun: Dissident fighter pilots were an off-screen team too

Powell’s story is further evidence of the collaborative environment in a group Top Gun: Maverick And how close many of the cast members are because of that. In order to prepare for their roles in the film, the young actors had to undergo what has since been dubbed “Tom Cruise Boot Camp,” which included extensive aerial maneuvers and fighter pilot training. In addition to the natural bond that actors might form after going through this kind of training together, Powell’s story about Hamm emphasizes that although many characters may have struggles on screen, the off-screen environment has been anything but positive and exhilarating. .

The actors’ journey began before and during production Top Gun: Maverick It also to some extent reflects the journeys their characters take. Top Gun recruits start out as a disparate and competitive group of pilots, but over the course of the film, Maverick transforms them into a tightly knit team. While the actors could certainly convey this change regardless of their off-screen experiences, their bonding in the real world clearly enhanced the on-screen chemistry and increased their promotion. Top Gun: Maverick As a whole.

source: Glenn Powell

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