Liz reveals Big Ed’s tactics for exposure and control

Liz Woods and Ed Brown’s relationship might be more tumultuous than what was shown in 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Ever After? , at least according to a new clip.

Clip from the next episode of 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever? Liz Woods is shown discussing Ed Brown’s verbal manipulation tactics. It is clear that the problems of new relationships merge 90 days fiancé Cast members are Ed Willis. The couple’s relationship has been the focus of several seasons of the TLC franchise, starting with 90 days: single life before migrating to happily ever after Season 7.

Ed made waves throughout his time at 90 days fiancé Franchise, starting with flirting with Rosemary during 90 days fiancé: 90 days ago Fourth season. Many fans saw his comments on his much younger girlfriend as caring, and subsequent developments only served to make him an even more divisive figure. During his relationship with Liz, she begins off-screen and moves on to individual lifewas seen as more correct at first, 90 days fiancé Amateurs have questioned that, too. Liz’s before and after photos have led fans to describe Ed as a “vampire of the mind” due to the apparent decline in Liz’s happiness and overall well-being.

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In the preview clip for the next episode of 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever?Posted by e! NewsLiz confesses to a friend that fan theories have a ring of truth. She says she thinks Ed’He doesn’t necessarily want to see me grow or succeed“And he wants her to need him more. “I feel like I’m the only person so far who’s kind of been in his life and didn’t need anything from him,” Liz says. The only time Ed is supportive, according to Liz, is when she goes to the gym. When discussing her fitness routine, she noted that Ed “He’ll look at pictures and be like, “Oh, did you ever think about going back to that size?” It’s kind of insulting. I don’t feel pretty. “

Liz also mentions in the clip that she is“I wish Ed would love me no matter what. I’ve loved him at his heaviest and smallest ever since I’ve been with him. I never thought I’d feel insecure about myself the way I do now.” As Ed heads off to have major surgery and a potential lifestyle change, it remains to be seen if he can transform enough to save his relationship with Liz. These comments mirror comments Ed made early in his relationship with Rosemary, when he made back-hand comments about her appearance that were caused by factors beyond her control.

While one of these comments could easily be dismissed as a social wrong, Ed created a sinister arc. 90 days fiancé It is impossible to ignore. With fans exposed to everything from Ed’s mediocre photography skills to his suspicious hair-care routine, they seem to know all about him. While many fans agree with Ed, it will take revelations to positively change perceptions of him, and Liz’s comments seem to validate previous fan sentiments and paint him as more of a villain.

90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever? It airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

source: e! News

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