Marvel Emphasizes MCU Avenger That Others Don’t Respect

In a new Marvel Comics story, it is revealed that MCU’s Avenger continues to disrespect his fellow heroes — and surprisingly, he’s no Hawkeye.

Spoilers for Ant-Man #3 by Marvel Comics

Despite his amazing achievement as a core member of Avengersthe super team still does not give ant Man The respect it deserves. In a new preview of ant Man #3 By Marvel Comics, Avengers confirmed that they still don’t respect the bug-themed hero after he was left behind on a mission. However, Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie told him he should be more admired as a hero, arguing that he helped save the world from the world’s greatest threats – and she’s right.

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The Avengers may work as a team, but there seems to be a clear hierarchy among its greatest heroes. While the likes of Captain America, Thor, and Doctor Strange are often celebrated as influencers, few heroes are held in the same respect as their teammates. Most famously, Hawkeye is somewhat of a joke among the Avengers, as his lack of powers made him a punching bag amongst the team. Another hero who has been the butt of jokes is Ant-Man. And in a new story, the hero is not openly respected by the Earth’s greatest heroes, confirming that he is viewed unfairly.

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In a new preview of ant Man #3 By Al Ewing, Tom Reilly, and Jordie Bellaire of Marvel Comics, the mini-series has shifted its focus to Scott Lang’s Ant-Man. The comic begins with great fanfare, as Captain Marvel calls the “cosmic blade” and “all hands on board” amid an ongoing crisis. However, when Ant-Man, one of Marvel’s coolest heroes, asks if he’s needed, Iron Man orders him to sit down, and they’ll “come back” to him. While Ant-Man tells Iron Man that he can come in handy with his shrinking technology, Marvel asserts that Avengers have no respect for the hero, which is what his daughter Cassie advocates.

Ant-Man deserves respect from the Avengers

Constant disrespect for Ant-Man from his fellow Avengers is underlined, showing that Earth’s greatest heroes foolishly don’t think how useful it would be to bring him on deadly missions. Ant-Man’s shrinking technique allows him to go places other Avengers can’t. And as Cassie said, he’s not one of those little guys, because his actions, like when Ant-Man played a major role in the MCU in defeating Thanos, make him a very important hero.

The Avengers’ disrespect for Ant-Man and inexperienced heroes is disappointing as you think the group will now realize that every member, regardless of their specific powers, deserves to be treated as an equal. Ant-Man is in The Avengers for a reason, and the team still doesn’t respect him despite his willingness to help and his relentlessly positive attitude. If anything, Marvel confirms that Avengers Does not deserve ant Man.

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