Morfydd Clark’s Top 10 Movie and TV Roles, According to IMDb

This article contains references to sexual assault, death, and murder.

with rings of strength Already set a new record for Amazon after 25 million viewers tuned in to watch the first episode (via THR), it’s safe to say that the series will be here for a long time. While many fans are already amazed at the hard work that goes into sets and costumes, they were also impressed by Morfydd Clark’s performance as Galadriel (with many believing that she captured her tough, graceful nature completely).

Given Clarke’s extensive cinematography, many of her fans are happy to see her getting another chance in a leading role. She was nominated in 2021 for an EE Rising Star at the BAFTA Awards and won the Welsh BAFTA Award for Best Actress in the same year for her lead role in a psychological horror film. Saint MaudLooks like she’s going to be someone to watch out for. Now that she has finally reached international fame, most of them seem to be celebrating by watching and researching her best roles on IMDb.

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10 David Copperfield’s Personal History (2019) – 6.4

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In this talk david copperfield personal history, Clarke plays Clara Copperfield and Dora Spinlow. Although there is a huge difference in age between the characters, Clara and Dora both have a lot in common as many of the characters notice how they both have the same personality and mindsets.

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Although this is only a supporting role, Clarke manages to make her a staple in the audience by perfectly capturing the two characters. To add to this, many critics also praised Clarke and Dave Patel’s chemistry (who plays David Copperfield) because their relationship helped provide insight into David’s motivations and sanity.

9 Town and Town (2018) – 6.4

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Clarke plays Yolanda Stark in this fantasy crime show about Inspector Theodore Burley of Biszel, who investigates the murder of Mahalia Jerry.

Yolanda Stark is an important character in the series, because she is the one who informs Tyador Borlú about the murder of her friend. Although the limited number of episodes meant that Clarke didn’t showcase much of her talent, she managed to make an impression on fans by giving an emotional performance here.

8 Prevailing wind (2016) – 6.4

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in prevailing wind Clarke plays Anna, the missing sister of The Hiker (Lydia Leonard), who is searching for her despite deadly poisons in the air.

One of her most unpopular characters, Clark portrays Anna as a somewhat naïve character sister who gets hurt due to her inexperience in hiking. And her annoyance with her sister and her lack of understanding of the dangerous situation they are in makes the situation even more acute. Although she doesn’t get much screen time, her role here prepared her for more complex roles.

7 St Maud (2019) – 6.7

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In this women-focused horror film (written and directed by Rose Glass), Clark stars as Maud, a religious nurse who tries to save the soul of her hospice-care patient Amanda, no matter the cost.

As her first role in an award nomination, Clarke received critical acclaim, with Empire MagazineShe described this as one of her strongest “strong and fearsome” characters. Not only were audiences on the edge of their seats at all times, with viewers unable to predict where the writers would take the plot, but it also provided for an interesting character study as well.

6 Dracula (2020) – 6.8

Streaming on Netflix

Clarke plays Mina in Steven Moffat (known as the show Doctor from) and the BBC series by Mark Gates Dracula.

Although Clark’s Mina only has a minor role, she still manages to make the character her own. Not only does Clarke manage to portray Mina’s pain after discovering the tragedy that befell Jonathan, but fans also see the deep love they have for each other (echoing scenes from the script). It’s a shame that Mina was somewhat overshadowed by Sister Agatha (Van Helsing’s counterpart in this version) as fans would have loved to see the two work in tandem to defeat Dracula.

5 The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) – 7.0

Streaming on Showtime

in The man who invented Christmas Biographical film chronicling how Charles Dickens developed Christmas carol Clark plays Charles Dickens’ real wife Kate.

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Although Clarke has only a small role in the film, she plays an important role in Charles’ character development as well as the conclusion. The audience also praised her chemistry with Dan Stevens, who was able to perfectly convey the tension between the two as Dickens struggled to balance his personal and professional life.

4 Arthur and George (2015) – 7.1

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Play the role of Mary in Arthur and GeorgeClark managed to shine again in this role. While many people are familiar with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic stories (particularly about Sherlock Holmes), not many people know that Conan Doyle also helped stop the miscarriage of justice (which this series explores in depth).

Clark’s Mary plays a very small role only in the first episode, and still plays an important role as she helps Conan Doyle deal with his thoughts and feelings. It is definitely one of her most likable roles because Marie seems very sympathetic and very kind.

3 His Dark Matter (2019-2022) – 7.8

Streaming on HBO Max

In series 1 of the Philip Pullman series of books Its dark matterClarke puts on a pretty scary performance as Sister Clara.

She played her as a cold-eyed, dead-eyed person who abuses children, and was particularly horrified by viewers as she appeared to have evil intentions. However, for those who have read the books, they knew this was an intentional decision because Clara has one of the most tragic backstory. While it’s a shame the show didn’t delve into it, Vulture viewers appreciated the little inconveniences Clarke put in.

2 Patrick Melrose (2018) – 8.0

Streaming on Showtime

Clarke plays Debbie Hickman in the episodes of “Bad News” and “Some Hope” in this drama about Patrick Melrose (Benedict Cumberbatch). In the series, viewers see the son of an affordable family journey of self-discovery as he recovers from drug addiction and childhood trauma.

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Clark’s Debbie Hickman is Patrick’s well-meaning friend, who is trying to help him in his recovery. While she may not get as much screen time as other actors, she does pay off as a kind and considerate person. She is also seen as having a great chemistry with Cumberbatch.

1 National Live Theatre: Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2016) – 8.1

Not currently broadcasting

Clarke plays Cecil Follings in the 2016 production of Romance Les Lyons Dangereuses.

Clarke captures Cecil’s dizziness at first discovering the concept of sex. However, events turn darker as Cecil’s experiences with Valmont were against her will. While Clarke doesn’t have as much to do as planners Marquis de Mereuil and Vicomte de Valmont, she still makes the most of her role as the relatively innocent Cecil.

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