Steelers HC Mike Tomlin looks out of QB Choice vs. Jets


Will Pittsburgh Steelers give quarterback Kenny Pickett his first game against the New York Jets?

It might be a little early to look into week four, but the upcoming New York Jets opponent just played their third game of the season on Thursday Night Football (September 22nd).

That, of course, is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who dropped to 1-2 after losing to the Cleveland Browns. Given that the Jets defeated the Browns – regardless of onshore conditions – the natural assumption is that they would have a chance of beating the Steelers in Week 4. The only major difference is that Week 4 is in Pittsburgh, despite Gang Green winning in Cleveland.

However, it should be achievable and the latest version of the Steelers Organization can help the Jets’ chances, depending on your view of the situation.

Steelers HC Mike Tomlin looks out of QB Choice vs. Jets

During Press conference after the match On September 22, longtime Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was asked if he would consider changing quarterbacks against the Jets in Week 4.

For those unfamiliar with the current QB scene in Pittsburgh, veteran Mitchell Trubesky started his first three games and awaits first-round pick Kenny Beckett for his inaugural NFL outing. Based on Tomlin’s comments, it looks like a novice might have to wait a little longer for their first taste of the pro action.

When asked about the QB change, Steelers HC began by saying he’s not “in that mindset” and should review all of the tape, before adding that “the answer to that question is definitely no.”

This led members of the media in New York Like Zach Rosenblatt To think Trubisky “may” still be the likely kicker in Week 4. Of course, statements like this from NFL coaches are always subject to change but for now, we can put the intensity of Tomlin’s response as a strong hint to whom the Jets might have to prepare for.


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