Texas Chainsaw Massacre looks just as terrifying as the movie

Texas Chainsaw Massacre It has an asymmetrical new horror game looming, and its beauty and detail capture the same lightning as the grungy, dirty, sweaty original movie that was brutally shown in theaters in 1974. The new movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre The game has stuck in the minds of many fans since its unveiling at the Game Awards in 2021, and more information only helped whet the player’s appetite for more cannibal massacres. Horror fans often uniquely scrutinize subtitles from cinema to video games, so defining the art style and direction of a game can be as essential as making it play well.

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Asymmetric horror games have been booming since then dead by day And the Friday 13 It’s been a hit a few years ago, first with independent titles like hide or die And the Home Sweet Home: Survive And now more notable entries like Killer clones from outer space: the game And Gun Interactive’s second attempt in the genre, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The game plays with two teams, one of which consists of four victims trying to escape from Sawyer’s house and the other team plays as a trio of brothers who have left watching the dried-up land. The triple versus quadruple approach to asymmetric horror seems like a new idea shared between it and the aforementioned, Killer Clones Game.

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However, what recent information reveals is a deep and nuanced focus on painstakingly recreating the film’s original location and aesthetic, similar to evil dead Recently updated game. The game plans to focus on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre A film for its main inspiration and content, and most notably for its visual style. Both the Sawyer House and the complementary sites surrounding the family property share that orange and yellow of the scorching Texas sun, showing in great detail the family’s decay and chaos. Bones hang in any direction along walls, or hang from the ceiling on strings. The paint peeled off the walls and instruments of death and kidnapping were left scattered around the house, often still covered with the remains of Sawyer’s victims.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre wants to push players through the mud at Sawyer’s property

In recent interviews, developers Texas Chainsaw Massacre They explained their process and goals in relation to the visual style. Again, similar to evil dead The game, and its star Ash Williams, had a strong focus on analyzing original and film material and recreating picture-perfect scenes for the film. Specific bones on the wall, light switches, slabs placed on the walls, and even certain stones left in the underground joists of the basement. The developers poured on these hours of footage to recreate the dirty and uncomfortable world of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even things like the exact make and model of the saw the iconic leather uses have been faithfully analyzed and executed.

The best games that use horror movie licenses have always focused on being as faithful to the source material as possible along with providing engaging gameplay elements. evil dead And the Friday 13 They were known for their wonderful delivery of these well-established possessions, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre It looks ready to join the group of mods loyal to these horror giants – at least in terms of visual originality. Unlike these other two games, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre He only showed his original cinematic interpretation within the game. If Gun Interactive makes the jump to The Texas Chainsaw MassacreMany sequels and remakes, hopefully players will get the same level of dedication as the original.

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