The results of the first part of the final head of the family (spoilers)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big brother season 24.

the last Big brother Season 24 The Head of Household Competition (HOH) is underway, and live feed has revealed that Matt “Turner” Turner won the first part versus Taylor Hill and Monty Taylor. After Brittany Hobbs was fired, she played the final in the first part of the HOH competition, which is traditionally an ability game. The remaining two guests will face off in Part 2. On the final night, Turner and the Part Two winner will compete to crown the final HOH title. This guest will choose who will be seated next to them on the last night and compete for the grand prize of $750,000.

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The Big brother The final season 24 is only days away, with a two-hour special. The finale usually contained comments from non-jury members, who were watching the season from home. The jury will then question the guests in Final 2 in order to make their final decisions on who should win the game. The Big brother The winner gets $750,000, while the runner-up gets $75,000. Also, one contestant will be named America’s Favorite Home Maker and will receive a prize of $50,000. This year, the winner also gets a cruise for two on the Princess Cruise, the official partner of CBS’ upcoming show. true love boat.

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The Big brother Live feed revealed that Turner won the first part of HOH. From the conversations of the home guests, it appears that the game was a version of one of the spinning competitions that Big brother I did in the past. Turner said he couldn’t believe he won this particular competition. After the competition, Monty said he felt sick to his stomach, but felt better when he woke up in the morning.

Now Taylor and Monty will face off in Part Two of HOH’s latest competition to see who will go head-to-head with Turner on Big Brother 24 Final night. Guests should expect at least one of the final competitions to be a mind game. The winner will have to make the fateful decision who to take with them to the end. Although their decisions could change, as of now, Turner is determined to eventually sit next to Monty. If Monty is going to win, he originally looked as if he definitely wanted to bring Turner with him. However, the unexpected confrontation and separation in the late game and Taylor and Monty changed the dynamics Big brother. Taylor’s win would likely mean she would choose Monty like her Big brother The second discount.

the last Big brother HOH is always exciting, especially because Part 3 plays right at the end. No matter who will win the final match, Big Brother 24 He has one of the most identical Final 3 sets in recent memory of fans. Turner, Taylor and Monty deserve it to win the game. The Big Brother 24 The ending is sure to be very entertaining and fan-satisfying.

The Big brother Season 24 final airs Sunday, September 25 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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