Top 10 red wet wipes

If you’re new to Magic: The Gathering, you’ll often find wipes on the board, or jitter effects, to be some of the most broken cards in the game. After all, how could it be fair that a single card would be able to take down every creature on the battlefield? While this is an understandable sentiment for new players, the truth is that board wipes rarely win a game of Magic on their own.

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Plate wipes are often used by control surfaces when facing aggressive opponents. It’s one of the few types of cards that are able to thwart an attack from creatures when your deck doesn’t play creatures in each of its turns. However, board wipes can also be used in a more devastating way in formats like Commander where they affect the battlefields of multiple opponents. This list will take a look at the best red plate tissue deals across all formats. You might want to put on some sunscreen before we start, because it’s about to get hot.

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10 hot sun

Sweltering Suns may be missing one major effect, but they’re still a great budget option for redboard scanning and are perfect against overly aggressive decks. The three damages may not seem like much, but they are enough to eliminate almost every creature your opponent can offer during the first three turns of the game.

On top of that, the added ability on the Sweltering Suns tournament makes it even better as an inclusion in the main board. In matchups where you don’t need to clear a board, you can banish Sweltering Suns to get a more effective card.

9 wildfire

Wildfire is a strange board sweep, but it’s also incredibly effective in the right surface. Dealing four damage plate for six mana isn’t exactly perfect, but it should take care of most creatures your opponent can deliver. The real effect of taking advantage of here is the destruction of the earth.

A ramp platformer focused on placing as many territories on the battlefield as quickly as possible can completely incapacitate their opponents with this card. For example, if you had six lands on the battlefield when your opponents only had four, sending a Wildfire will put your opponents back into the first turn while you maintain your previously won mana advantage.

8 Extinction star

Remember when we said that six mana for four plate damage wasn’t quite perfect? Well, that’s partly because a card like Star of Extinction deals 20 damage to the board for seven mana. There is no doubt that this card will kill every creature your opponents possess regardless of those with the keyword indestructible.

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On top of a guaranteed board wipe, Star of Extinction also allows you to destroy a single land. This added ability may sound like Cherry Stellar, but it actually adds a lot of power to this card. Human lands, tricolor lands, and lands with abilities such as Dark Depths and Hanweir Battlements are usually played as great targets for destruction.

7 slag storm

Slagstorm provides an interesting twist on Sweltering Suns by allowing an alternate mode that deals three damage to each player. It goes without saying that this is a card designed explicitly for formats like Commander where you have many opponents.

Cards like this that deal damage to all opponents are not as good as those that allow you to completely eliminate one of your enemies, but there is something to be said about the fact that they do not attract attention. When you’re not targeting anyone with a card, there’s much less reason for the opponent to decide that you’re their archenemy. This in itself is a blessing.

6 Kozylik’s return

Kozilek’s Return provides value both in the early and later game, as long as you play some big Eldrazi. In fact, during his time at Standard, this board survey created a funnel-sloping surface hanging at the top of the profile for months.

The only thing better than clearing the board is developing your board while doing it, and Kozilek’s comeback allowed for exactly that. It is very devastating to destroy all the other creatures while placing your own great threat on the board with the same turn.

5 burn down the house

This is a fairly recent printed slate scan that’s still in Standard at the moment. Although he has seen some gameplay, his real habitat is in the UR (blue/red) deck that has yet to appear in the meta. Like Sweltering Suns and Slagstorm, Burn Down the House isn’t useless in matches where you don’t need to clear a slab.

In fact, it is arguably the most useful of the bunch, as it can generate creature tokens that come with the added advantage of rushing. Not only that, but these demonic creature tokens deal one damage to any target when they die, making them a headache for opponents to deal with in combat.

4 Temporary storm

Earlier, we said that one of the most devastating things you can do is to clear the board while developing your threats. Temporary Firestorm does exactly that by utilizing kick costs that gradually eliminate up to two creatures and the planes you control. On top of this, this board scan is also notable for inflicting damage on stalkers and creatures alike.

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One of the easiest ways to get around the devastation caused by napkins is to play the runway alongside your creatures. Unfortunately, opponents would be in a rude awakening if they encountered a temporary firestorm. Needless to say, this card performs best in a Jeskai (red/blue/white) deck that can benefit from kick costs, but also plays well in any other red deck.

3 damned fire

This card used to have a place in the ancient Legacy Miracles collection that was once a dominant force via the format created. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), miracles have since fallen from grace and no longer have a platform in the spotlight. However, Bonfire of the Damned is still an incredible magical card that will leave you feeling unstoppable if you can use it for its miraculous cost.

If the effects of anger also caused damage to the opponent’s overall life, then there would be no reason for the creatures to play at all. Fortunately, Bonfire of the Damned is one of the few Furies of its kind. The best way to use these and other Miracle cards is through use in conjunction with scry effects which allow you to fix the turn when you are able to cast Bonfire for its miraculous cost.

2 The law of infidelity

Printed in Innistrad, the original Blasphemous Act is a board scan that improves the number of creatures on the battlefield. Thus, it is a great card for the leader. 13 damage will be enough to kill any creature your opponents can throw at them, and the Blasphemous Law comes with the added bonus of being incredibly cheap in certain circumstances.

Even if each player only has one creature in play, the Blasphemous Act costs five to play. This is an incredibly reasonable cost for an effect of this magnitude, and commanding players everywhere should be careful not to flood the board for fear of such wrath.

1 wrath of the gods

Considering how much damage some other tablet napkins can do, you might be surprised to see that Anger of the Gods tops this list. But slate wipes are often used to hamper the excessive aggressiveness of aggressive floors.

As a result, you should be able to pour the chalkboard wipes early enough to be effective against fast surfaces. Believe it or not, in many ways, the third turn is as late as you can wait to infuriate your opponent. Pair Anger of the Gods’ low acting cost with the bonus Exile item, and you’ll get the best red board scan.

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