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We all love the excitement of an exciting shopping spree. But after several months, you may notice tiny holes appearing in your shirts, all in the exact same place!

What are these little holes? And where did they come from? It turns out it’s all about friction.

TikTok content creator Tweet embed I breathed about these pesky holes online, and when I did, I knew the problem was common and had an answer that made you say, “Oh, that makes sense.” small holes Created by rubbing against your shirt.

The zippers or buttons on your jeans keep you in your shirt all day long. Over time, friction on the fabric forms these tiny holes. Another reason? Leaning on work surfaces, and seat belts can also contribute to this annoying problem.

No, mites do not reach your clothes. Don’t dive in for mothballs just yet.

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Over the years, retailers have moved to fast fashion,“A way to harness fleeting trends at low prices. Costs attract customers looking to save money on clothing as well as those looking for a modern piece that isn’t at design price. However, these items are often low-quality materials (and created in ethically questionable ways).” This means our clothes are now more disposable than ever thanks to low-quality fabric.

so, what are you doing?

While buying quality tops is the best option, there are still ways to protect your shirts from developing those pesky holes.

Incorporate “French Tuck” into your elegant routine. This pattern creates space between the shirt and jeans to reduce the possibility of holes. You can also wear an apron if you spend a lot of time leaning on a table at work or daily activities.

If some of your shirts are too worn to wear, consider putting them back on rather than throwing them away.

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