Zach Wilson delivers a powerful message to Jarrett Wilson’s Rocky Gates


New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson talks to some of his teammates before an NFL game.

Joe Flacco led the New York Jets through the first two weeks of the season and will continue on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, Zach Wilson is expected to make his debut in 2022 during his week four road trip against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Passage of the former BYU suffered a A bone contusion and a meniscus tear during the pre-season opener vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. Gang Green’s key decision makers were adamant throughout this process that they would not let Wilson back into the field until he was “110 percent”.

Zach Wilson was very honest with Garrett Wilson

The Jets released an additional episode of One Jets Drive (the team’s in-house documentary series) this week to delve deeper into their miraculous comeback against the Cleveland Browns.

During the last episode Zack seen Speaking to Jarrett on the sidelines after he scored his first touchdown and delivered a powerful message:

“They can’t guard you, brother.”

Zach is not kidding, it looks like the NFL defenders are having a very difficult time reining in the talents.

according to next generation stats, Garrett is among the top five in the Classroom with three jets this season. In other words, it opens early and often.

Just look at a handful of his plays and the movie confirms the analytical data.

In the first touchdown of his career in singles coverage on the 2-yard line, he put the Browns defender in the mixer.

wilson of surprise shuffle him He stepped forward, falsified his head inside, and exploded outward, reeling at the easy score.

Wilson has a unique ability to keep people away from him and give the midfielder plenty of space to throw the ball to him.

Zack Rosenblatt athlete Share a little Other interesting nuggets that speak to plus/minus Wilson when he’s in the field:

In two weeks, when Wilson is on the field, Flacco has a pass rating of 102.5 per TruMedia. It’s 63.8 when Wilson is off the field.

The planes had an EPA score (expected score added) of 13.3 when Wilson was targeted in Week 2, according to TruMedia. Over the past 10 seasons, only six Gates receivers have been better. And that’s been the best mark for a Jets wide receiver for at least 20 years.”

Garrett Wilson will only keep getting better

On the Can’t wait for a podcast Hosted by Zach Rosenblatt, this performance by Wilson is not surprising no matter the timing.

He was expecting to see that kind of show towards the end of the season heading into 2023, certainly not in Wilson’s second career game.

After the competition, former Ohio State producer Earned Comparisons Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson.

The fact that no one thought it was that crazy speaks volumes about how special Wilson is and where he can go.

The other thing to feel good about is how Wilson plays the plays. What it does as a broad receiver is sustainable production that you can count on moving forward.

Another clip From One Jets Drive dive a little deeper into one that caught him in the first half as he created the breakup, made people miss, and just found a way to play.

Against Brown, Wilson surprised everyone. Now that NFL teams have some tape about who he is as a player, it’s going to get increasingly difficult throughout the season.

It will be up to both Mike Lafleur to plan his touches and for Wilson to take advantage of those opportunities moving forward.


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