10 Most Surprisingly Great Disney Movies, Ranked

When it comes to supplement production, Disney He has no track record of being fondly remembered. Many of their sequels, especially those that went straight to video, have a reputation for being cash-grabbing superficially recreating the aesthetic and characters to make a lot of money off of the unabashedly original success.

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However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good people in their repertoire. Whether it’s a live-action movie, a TV pilot, or even theatrical, there are instances of Disney series that, although not at the height of their predecessors, still have their own unique charm. In the best of circumstances, they expand on the story and characters to explore new ideas and adventures.

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“Bambi 2” (2006)

try to sequel to Walt DisneyMy favorite animated movie wasn’t an easy task, but the setting makes an amazing sense. While it’s average, it examines one area of ​​the original movie that was somewhat missing – Bambi’s relationship with his father, the great prince of the jungle.

After a hunter kills Bambi’s mother, the two are forced to live together while the seasons change. While Bambi He himself only wants his father to accept him and play with his friends, the great prince must learn to behave less as a ruler and more like a father to his son.

Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland (2002)

The last chapter of the original text Peter Pan The book shared Wendy’s daughter Jane is about to set out on her own adventure, so it only makes sense that a sequel would toy with that idea. As the movie begins, Jane grows up with her brother and mother during the blitzkrieg when she is kidnapped by Captain Hook and brought to Neverland.

Unlike Wendy and her siblings, Jane just wants to get home ASAP, and refuses to indulge in any of the Lost Boys or the weird Tinker Bell games. Given her background, this is understandable, but she soon learns not to let go of that innocent side of herself despite her circumstances.

“Leroy and Stitch” (2006)

The third movie in the series was the epilogue Lilo and Stitch TV program. After all of their adventures ended, Stitch was promoted to captain of his own fleet, and Gompa and Bleakley were similarly honored. Despite this, they move away from each other and Lilo begins to affect them.

But they quickly find themselves back together when Dr. Hamsterville has one last experiment to unleash – a sinister red stitch he calls Leroy. Soon, former enemies become friends as every experience featured in the show combines to take down the hamster once and for all.

“Tangled: Before Forever” (2017)

Popular tangled The TV series began with this pilot segment which effectively reunited viewers with Rapunzel and her friends. With the lost princess returning to her kingdom, she is struggling with royal traditions and her carefree nature. But after a secret mission, Rapunzel’s long blonde hair is mysteriously growing out – and this time, it can’t be cut.

The original cast is back to express their characters, while effectively creating new allies and enemies. Although the style differs from the animation compared to the movie, it is vividly detailed and effectively expresses the feelings of the story.

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Wreck and Ralph (2012) was a fun journey that brought together different types of video games and characters in the creative story of a bad guy trying to be good. So it makes sense that Ralph and Vanellope would upgrade to the next frontier – the Internet.

It’s a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously but knows when to be honest. And, of course, he helped make the impossible happen – unite every Disney princess (including the voice actors) into one movie.

“Saviors Down Under” (1990)

while the original rescue men (1977) was a quiet, sad piece about a rat who rescues a child, and everything in the sequel takes it to full saga. Bianca and Bernard head down to explore the Australian Outback, so they can rescue a boy who’s been kidnapped by a poacher on a giant eagle.

The film is still well appreciated throughout the studio due to the stunning and quietly wonderful animation that would influence many of his films afterwards. Another notable feature is the underrated villain in the form of Percival C Machlich, who is perfectly voiced by George C Scott.

“The Lion King 1” (2004)

While The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998) finds an interesting, albeit somewhat small, way to make a proper sequel, this medium doing a much better job of creating its own identity. Taking MST3K Meets Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern Matta This happens before and during the events of the first movie.

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They all show how Timon and Pumbaa met, how they inadvertently influenced events like Simba’s coronation, and how their friendship grew and each other’s lives changed as a result. She makes fun of herself at every opportunity, which makes it the funniest Disney movie.

“Fantasia 2000” (1999)

the original fantasy (1940) is often described as Walt Disney’s masterpiece, as it combines music and animation in a glorious symphonic concert. During attempts to follow, it took until the new millennium to finally pay off – clips competed in this original sequel with great music and stunning animation.

sequences like ‘blue fascination’ And the ‘Pomp and circumstance’It (starring Donald Duck) became highly respected in its own right. It’s true that celebrity introductions may take the audience a bit out of the action, but the grandeur and respect for Walt’s original vision is there throughout.

“Cinderella III: A Twist in Time” (2007)

While the third of Cinderella The series may lack the stunning animation of the original, it makes up for it with the most imaginative story out of the three films. To undo Cinderella’s eternal happiness, evil stepmother Lady Tremaine stole the Fairy Godmother’s wand and used it to go back in time, so that her daughter’s feet would fit into the glass slipper.

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Having lost the memories of her life after marrying a prince, Cinderella must step out of her comfort zone to make Prince Charming fall in love again. With intriguing twists, well-developed characters, and a surprisingly funny prince, it’s a fun twist on what happens after happily ever after.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)

While Jafar’s return (1994) was a rather dull start for Aladdin TV series, king of thieves It is a fitting follow-up and a worthy conclusion. Aladdin and Jasmine finally get married, but the party will be smashed by the Forty Thieves. Upon investigation, Aladdin discovers that their leader is his missing father, Qasim.

This unexpected encounter raises questions about the loyalty between the two sides of the conflict and the search for the lost treasure that will change their fates. The catchy songs, the real sense of adventure, and of course the comeback Robin Williams like a genie.

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