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premiered last month on Apple TV +, Surfside Girls It makes for a fun, family-friendly watch as it blends the coming-of-age metaphor with supernatural comedy. The narrative deals with two friends who blend their opposing views of fantasy and science after they are confronted by a ghost. This eventually leads them to a rabbit hole of cursed treasures and pirate ships.

With such a fanciful premise, the show is bound to impress fans of adventure comedies, especially those that delve into similar themes of ancient treasures and ghost watching. While the collection of anime shows is filled with many examples, fans of Surfside Girls A lot of direct action recommendations can also be overemphasized.

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ghosts (2021-)

Stream on Paramount Plus

A new version of the British series of the same name, ghosts Stars Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar star as a married couple who transform an old estate into a bed and breakfast inn. But few know that the mansion is haunted by the ghosts of the former residents that only McIver can see.

While the haunted house hypothesis is overused in horror movies and shows, ghosts Still trying to sabotage overused items with some harmless satirical fun. This would be impressive Surfside GirlsLike the original Apple TV+, viewers also offer a new spin on pirate adventures and familiar treasures.

SpongeBob SquarePants (1999-)

Stream on DIRCTV

One of the best Nickelodeon cartoons of all time, SpongeBob SquarePants No introduction needed. The surreal and funny bizarre underwater adventures of Sponge and his friends can take viewers’ imaginations to heights and include elements from genres as diverse as historical fiction to science fiction.

Due to its nautical setting, there are many pirate-centric episodes, particularly one that includes the Flying Dutchman, a ghostly pirate who acts as a restless spirit and haunts the inhabitants of the Bikini Bottom. But unlike the titular protagonists in Surfside Girls Approaching all kinds of marine ghosts with caution, this pirate must face the brunt of SpongeBob and Patrick’s pesky tricks!

Casper The Friendly Ghost (1945)

Stream on Indieflix

While the 1940s were obsessed with milky horror movies on creatures of the night, there was one cartoon that aimed to present ghosts in a new light. As indicated by the title, Casper is a friendly and somewhat gullible ghost who struggles with humans. Although he wishes to make friends with them, he unwittingly ends up chasing after them.

Although Casper produced his own franchise in multiple shows and movies later, this would make for a classic watch for my viewers. Surfside Girlsanother show that continues to explore the friendly ghost corner after decades with the cursed pirate spirit Remy.

Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on the Ordinary Street (2014-2016)

Stream on Prime Video

Gortimer Gibbon and his best friends lead a normal pre-teen life in an ordinary neighborhood – or so he thinks until he discovers the magic in everyday things. With enough heart and humor, the sitcom includes elements of fantasy, but its main narrative also focuses on dependable adulthood experiences.

Perhaps this touch of magical realism is accompanied by the familiar growing pains Gortimer Gibbon’s life on an ordinary street hour “more than usual”. Surfside Girls It similarly deals with a magical plot that includes ghosts and hidden treasures, but in the end it’s all about the friendship that the main characters share despite their different personalities.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates (2011-2016)

Stream on Disney+

When it comes to kid-friendly pirate shows, Jake and the Neverland Pirates It would be a good option. Building from Disney events Peter PanThe Disney Junior series features Captain Hook as the primary antagonist as he hunts down the titular heroes.

From discovering treasures to protecting Neverland, the Jake crew do their best to escape a Hook backed by cult-favorite characters like Mr. Smee and this notorious hand-eating crocodile. Although the cartoon is intended for a preschool audience, watching an episode or two can be a nice break even for older viewers. Surfside Girls. There are pirates, hidden treasure, and Peter Pan himself makes a cameo. You can’t love him!

Blue Water High (2005-2008)

Stream on Freevee

Surfing is not a picnic as many 16-year-olds compete among themselves to join the prestigious surfing academy called Solar Blue. Once selected, students spend a year perfecting their skills on the waves of Sydney’s Belgola Beach. The Australian series with a twin focus on Freevee also offers a healthy dose of romance and melodrama to spice things up.

Blue Water High is perfect if viewers need a non-fiction option next Surfside Girls. Since the latter is also set for seashore and underwater scenarios (it’s in the same name), a show at a craft surfing academy would be a good follow-up.

The Dark Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2001-2007)

Stream on HBO Max

Mandy is very mature for her age while Billy is stupid. When unexpected friends meet the Grim Reaper, they wreak enough havoc for the evil Reaper to yearn for his hellish past once again! While it is common for children to be haunted by ghosts at such shows, The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy He finds children tormenting death instead.

This only goes on to show the multiple ways in which screenwriters can adapt while writing novels that focus on interactions between children and ghosts. Surfside Girls He takes a friendlier and mystical approach to ghosts while one of Cartoon Network’s best shows of the 2000s depicts how kids can downgrade a superhero to a mere assistant in their daily tricks.

Gravity Falls (2012-2016)

Stream on Disney+

When a brother and sister duo visit their eccentric grandfather in an unknown location, they discover a brooder with his fair share of supernatural secrets. Faced with all kinds of strange phenomena ranging from Bigfoot to Kraken-like sea monsters, the Pines twins solve many supernatural mysteries on the way.

The tone and humor may vary between them Gravity Falls And the Surfside Girls, but the premise is intriguingly similar in both cases. Both shows involve young characters with opposing personalities on the path to solving unsolved paranormal phenomena. Hence, the critically acclaimed Disney show is a must watch next Surfside Girls.

Just add magic (2016-2019)

Stream on Prime Video

The Three Heroes Just add magic They are close friends who spend their time baking after school. But when they inadvertently become custodians of an ancient cookbook, they cook up not only culinary delicacies but spells that lead them to some unexpected imaginative adventures that include magic and even time travel.

Just add magicvery similar to Surfside Girls, demonstrates how children’s fantasy genre can be explored in new ways to keep viewers engaged in the present. Otherwise, not every day one will come across a show that passionately blends magic and baking from all the activities.

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