Each chapter has four enchanting locations and solutions to the tipping point of the Pine Lighthouse

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In the fourth chapter of Pines lighthouseThe plot begins to build up, and you will see more story branches than the previous chapters combined. As Luka, Rolo, and Beck reclaim the mysteries of the Beacon Pines, you’ll encounter evil organizations, dangerous green goo, and plenty of teen anxiety.

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After starting the fourth chapter and reaching the end of one potential branchDuring the class, you will need to find another way by going back to the previous turning points and exhausting all possible paths. This can be a little confusing if you haven’t collected all the spells in the previous chapters, but if you haven’t, you can always check out our guides in chapter two and chapter three respectively.

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All magic locations in chapter 4

There are only a few spells to find in Chapter 4 of Beacon Pines, including some that can only be found in “earlier” chapters, after chapter four began. If you are having a hard time finding the words you need, here is a complete list of all the spells that can be found during this section of the game.

magic word How to get
to reject After talking to Luka in your bedroom over the walkie-talkie, you’ll sneak up on trying to get to the Treehouse. After you hide and discover your grandmother having a secret conversation, you will automatically get a rejection charm.
rest time Talk to Fratelli when you deliver jam to them in the new chapter 3 to get the break magic.
pungent When talking to Beck in their bedroom, you will have the opportunity to inspect their things. Examine their wilted flowers for pungent Charm.

Solutions to the turning point in Chapter 4

Progressing through the entire fourth chapter will involve finding a dead end and then thereafter Work backwards to get to the alternate fourth chapter. This will include returning to the Turning Point event in Chapter 2, armed with a new magic.


After finding Iggy he has turned into a “monster” As a result of your actions in the previous chapter, you will quickly find yourself surrounded by fools from the perpetual harvest. You’ll get caught up quickly and out of options.

When this happens, a new tipping point event will be triggered. However, at this point, you will only have one choice: fight.

Of course, this will end rather badly, which means that you will need to go back to a previous turning point for Chapter 4: in this case, the turning point Dangerous directions It should be the first port of call to find a new route.

Dangerous directions

Seeing the upset result of beck a stranger in the previous attempt of this event means that you will need to go back to that event to choose the alternate enchantment: tickle.

Beck will muster up the courage to tickle a bullyThis prompted both of them to escape unharmed. This will cause Beck to leave and Roxy to appear, putting you on an alternate path where you meet Mr. Nuncred on the way back to the Treehouse, which leads to the next event.

windows of the soul

When you meet Mr. Nunkred, you will be questioned by him about what you do and they will ask what he eats at you. You will only have one choice in this event, where Mr. Nucreed can see a file Shame in your eyes. With your only choice of shame, Mr. Nunkred will reveal their true intentions, and if you pay attention, you will also realize that you met Mr. Nunkred earlier in the story.

At the end of this tipping point, you will be left with no other options – It’s time to go back to the turning point in Chapter Twowarehouse horror.

warehouse horror

By the time you return to that familiar tipping point, you should have at least one more option to use instead they change. Specifically, you should use conflictwhich will allow you to break free from the clutches of the warehouse employee and escape.

This will lead you to an alternate third chapter where you will often find it Jam is delivered to residents of different cities.

whether the weather

After having dinner with Beck’s parents in the new version of Chapter 4, In the end you will get two options to control the weather. If you have collected the right magic, clouds can rest time or clatter.

If you want to advance to Chapter 5, you can choose RumbleWhich will lead to rain and force Luca and Beck to have an emotional conversation and face some personal issues.

You’ll come back here to select the other option eventually, but for now, Let’s move on to chapter five To continue pushing the puzzle.

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