Ending Retcon from I Am Legend 2 has one big Darkseeker challenge

Will Smith is set to return with I Am Legend 2, and if the movie uses the alternate ending to the original, he could face a major Darkseeker challenge.

I am a legend 2 Darkseeker’s challenge could be a big one if the movie decides to move on with the remake of the first movie’s ending. Will Smith got fans of the original I Am Legend Excited when he announced that he’s finally back in the post-apocalyptic world with the sequel. Not only will Smith return, but he’s also brought in Michael B. Jordan to co-star. It’s all great, but the first movie doesn’t leave much room for Will Smith to come back.

The only big possibility is that a sequel we will use I Am LegendAn alternate ending as a way to bring back Will Smith, and to say that it’s this ending that runs into the timeline of the two films. This is a clever way to rehash the ending of the first movie and provide the opportunity for a sequel starring Will Smith. The only problem with this approach is what using the alternate ending of the sequel plot and Darkseekers can do.

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The Darkseekers are the people in I Am Legend Those who contracted the virus but did not die, turned them into zombies. Throughout the events of the film, they are seen as ruthless killers who hunt Will Smith in his fight for survival. Viewers can learn how to do it I Am Legend The ending makes it difficult for Smith to return as he sacrifices himself fighting fearsome zombies. It’s in the alternate ending where things could get tricky for the sequel if the story used the retcon as a starting point. One of the Darkseekers shows a different side to the rest, showing compassion and more humanity, and in this version, Will Smith survives. Obviously, this ending will allow Will Smith’s character to make a comeback. However, there is a problem.

How can I Legend 2 can avoid Darkseeker’s problem

The problem comes with the need to build on the Darkseeker end. Yes, this allows Smith to return, but once the audience sees them in a more sympathetic light, it can be hard to go back to seeing the crowd as reckless villains in the sequel. Not only did the audience see this different side of them, but also the character of Will Smith. I am a legend 2It could have Smith’s story kill them like before, just using the ending as an excuse to bring him back, or it could be a different kind of movie and do something with Darkseekers that audiences wouldn’t expect. There may be different factions of zombies, some more intelligent and merciful than others, hence the conflict. If the movie portrays it in the same light as the original, it would likely prevent a number of moviegoers from getting fully involved in the plot.

Another possibility is that it is a prequel, set before the events of the first film, with the original ending, I am a legend 2 Impossible with Smith. This will allow Smith’s character to return without explanation, and keep the original ending intact without worrying about the new characterization of Darkseekers. It’s probably safe to assume it’s a sequel, as there will be other issues playing the prequel like having to cancel Will Smith’s lifespan for the entire movie, but it’s a possibility. It’s not impossible to keep up with events that change how characters and viewers see supposed villains and create a new and compelling story, but it will make things difficult. Either way, the team is behind I am a legend 2 Take advantage of doubt, as a I Am Legend An exciting sequel, whatever its look.

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