Postmortem postmortem of the White Sox will have to wait, but Tony La Russa and Lewis Robert, the others may have finished this season

CHICAGO – Some questions have been raised about the disappointing nature of the 2022 White Sox season, as General Manager Rick Hahn tossed his way through Saturday afternoon media availability that he intended to limit to health updates.

“I don’t want to do an autopsy until the body is completely cold,” Han said.

The body is not completely cold, but the temperature drops. The White Sox need to win the last two games of their series against last place in Detroit to make sure they are not eliminated from the AL Central race before they fly to Minneapolis next week. They will almost certainly be eliminated from competition in the playoffs by the time they return to Chicago after a six-game trip, and along with that inevitability, Sox was ruling out a number of returns that would make more sense at the end of the season. It was something worth going back for.

First on the list is beleaguered coach Tony La Russa, who missed 23 games due to a heart problem USA Today reported as a pacemaker repair, and will now miss the last 11 games of the season as well, the team says. It is the recommendation of his doctors. The White Sox announced that La Rosa had recently undergone “additional medical examinations and procedures,” and that its acting director, Miguel Cairo, would be ending the year.

“He ran additional testing, which led to additional planning for what would happen in the future,” Hahn said, about what prompted the timing of Saturday’s announcement. There is a treatment protocol in place that is intended to be adhered to. As a result, he will not run for the remainder of this season.


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