10 TV series that radically changed genres between seasons, according to Reddit

This article contains references to sexual assault.

While some series often remain very similar within their own genre, there are others that expand, evolve, and change the genre in which they take place. This can be for many reasons and can be annoying or confusing to viewers. A recent example is the superhero series legends of tomorrowwhich started as a drama in the first season, and turned into a smarter comedic take in the second season.

One user started a file reddit theme For fans to discuss and analyze the many genre shifts between popular TV shows. This is not a new trend, as thread refers to an old string like dark shades from the sixties. It continues today, with recent series like legends of tomorrow, sprinkler and Orange is the new black.

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10 Orange is the new black

the user monsieurxander This was to say about him Orange is the new blackOrange is the New Black was originally nominated in comedy categories, before switching to drama after its first season.

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While Orange is the new black It has comedic moments, the series is getting darker and more dramatic with the passage of time. For example, season three featured a horrific story of prison rape, and the series got darker in season seven when the focus shifted to an ICE detention center. The series was long, so viewers must have agreed to the change in tone.

9 archer

according to Oh what time to be alive “Archer has gone from modern spy comedy to comedy noir, adventure, and space, while also getting less fun.”

Starting with season 5 archerThe show started changing its premise every season or so. First, the agency’s transformation into a spy cartel, then a coma archer, has led to a variety of different types and buildings. This resulted in a darker tone that was less funny, especially during that Archer Dreamland which was movie noir and Archer Island Danger which was inspired by adventure pills. archer It ran for 13 seasons, so fans seem to likely accept and appreciate the color changes.

8 dark shades

Gothic soap opera dark shades Make a big change according to gory 120 “The ’60s Show Dark Shadows started as a fair-grounded gothic drama like Jane Eyre… They introduced a vampire and ratings skyrocketed, after which it became a complete supernatural/mystery story.”

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The introduction of the vampire Barnabas made the series less well-established in reality and in many ways more original. Other supernatural characters and elements such as ghosts, witches, werewolves, alternate realities, and time travel are introduced. This broadened the show’s appeal not only to fans of the series but also to fans of horror and science fiction. The hugely popular series ran for six seasons and two films in the 1970s. Due to its long-standing popularity with fans, there has also been a revival of the 1991 series, a reboot pilot in 2004, and the 2012 Tim Burton film.

7 Look around you

British parody series Look around you (featuring Olivia Colman) She turned what she was saying into a parody efficiency_paper “Season One of Look Around You was a parody of 1970s educational videos…Season two was a parody of science-focused variety shows….They’re basically different shows.”

The shift in tone creates equal but different clocks on the retro science show. However, both series look very original in their ’70s setting but with an ironic and inaccurate science. This allows both series to stand apart and not feel lost as they each have their own distinct identity.

6 boy meets world

Show ABC boy meets world It underwent a major change over time says CoolIceCreamCone “Boy Meets World started as a kids/family comedy and became a full-blown drama.”

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Previous seasons had stories mostly spinning for laughs in typical sitcom fashion. Topanga’s crush in later seasons developed into a serious relationship, then marriage to Cory. Fans of the show are getting ahead of the characters, so the storylines have become more mature. Season 6 was one of the most serious of the seasons, dealing with plots like Topanga’s parents’ divorce and Chet’s (Sean’s father) dying of a heart attack. The series has remained popular with fans despite the changes, and it even recently got a reboot in girl meets the world.

5 Melrose Place

the user monsieurxander This says about Melrose Place: “Melrose Place started out as a straight-up drama about guys who find themselves…everyone bored to tears so the second season was renewed to become a nighttime soap closer to Dynasty. “

The series was a spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210 And it was very close to the show that resulted in it which was a light drama. However, the introduction of Amanda’s character began to make a soap opera transformation. Although she has been credited as a guest star, she becomes the main character with plots revolving around dark and dramatic stories such as faking her own death to escape murder charges. The series became more popular with fans with the inclusion of soap opera elements.

4 Millennium

This series has taken a miraculous turn according to gory 120 “Millennium began as a serial killer of the week in the context of Seven, occasionally hinting at a spiritual reason for the killers’ darkness, but in season two it became a full-blown supernatural plot story.”

The constant change of tone in each season was the result of each season getting a different model – all with unique notions of where the show should go. Fans found it hard to keep track of the show with its ever-changing bizarre themes. The series only ran for three seasons.

3 legends of tomorrow

Benjamin Grimm Says: “legends of tomorrow I moved from drama in season one to comedy in season two and beyond.”

The DC time travel series started in season one as a straightforward science fiction series, however, from season two onwards, the series combined science fiction with more absurd fantasy elements. One example of how ridiculous and bizarre the series is is the Furby-like Beebo that the Vikings worshiped as a deity. It ran for seven seasons, so fans must have enjoyed the comedic role the series took on.

2 Baywatch Nights

Reddit user KamSolusar This is to say about him Baywatch Nights: “First, it was an ordinary procedural crime that emanated from it BaywatchIt was then retooled as the Super Monster of the Week show.”

Season 1 of Baywatch Nights Focus on a different main character than in Season 2. Originally it was focused on Sgt. Garner Ellerby, who was a police officer Baywatch, but then in the series he decides to quit his job and become a detective, along with David Hasselhoff. However, since it aired around the same time as The X-Files, the series was completely remastered, and Sgt. Garner Ellerbee has been replaced by paranormal expert Diamont Teague. Fans don’t seem to take the change in tone, like Baywatch Nights It only ran for two seasons.

1 family affairs

according to CuriousMonster9family affairs It became darker and more sci-fi during the end [its] It ran when Steve Urkel built a machine to transform into his cute ego.”

The series was originally a spinoff of Totally strangers Focusing on Harriet Winslow and her husband Karl. This completely derailed Steve Urkel, who quickly became very popular. The series has been completely changed to revolve around him – his often bizarre science fiction and his sometimes spooky obsession with Laura. Focusing on Urkel must have worked for him family affairs Because it lasted for nine seasons 1989-1997. A Christmas music special for 2022 called Did you do that on the holidays? Steve Urkel’s story Jalil White will appear again as Urkel.

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