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Tyler Lockwood, like many of the hostile characters in The Vampire Diaries, undergoes a redemption arc during his time in the series. Through the trials and tragedies that happened to him, he grew from a wealthy bully into someone who wanted to be a better person. While Tyler has grown and changed with the help of the Mystic Falls crew, that doesn’t mean that some of his past actions have progressed well for modern audiences.

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Throughout the series, Tyler has gone through it: reminiscing, the loss of his free will, and a tragic early and permanent demise. His personality was a spoiled brat at first, but he also struggled with the actions of those around him, which contributed to his negative traits. If we look back in time The Vampire DiariesIt’s not hard to tell which of these stories for Tyler didn’t age well.

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The world and the TV landscape have changed since the premiere of The Vampire Diaries in 2009. Many characteristics related to Tyler were acceptable at the time, but she is not aging very well now. The show’s writing failed Tyler at the time, as it normalized abuse and even downplayed important aspects such as his mental health. These aspects about Tyler could have been better developed by the showrunners.

Tyler’s mental health has been ignored

The Vampire Diaries She was great at getting fans excited, but she largely ignored the mental health of her characters. For example, Tyler had some rough times because of Klaus, who mocked and exiled him, but his mental state was not taken care of.

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In fact, Tyler often expressed his suicidal tendencies, when he came to confront Klaus and begged him to kill the former. This was definitely turbulent behavior on Tyler’s part, and the show should have paid a lot of attention to him with his friends checking him out.

Tyler was unofficially murdered

Despite being a major character on the show, Tyler’s death was hasty, disrespectful, and poorly written. He was an incredibly powerful werewolf, but Damon’s plot armor allowed him to attack and kill him in a somewhat casual manner.

Moreover, fans were sure that this would be the last straw that Damon’s friends abandon him, but Tyler’s death was admitted in passing, and then turned into what Elena wanted. The Mystic Falls gang kissed Damon with open arms, and forgot about Tyler’s friendship.

Glorifying death and unhealthy relationships

Tyler and Liv shared a healthy relationship for a while, but it turned into something intense and unhealthy pretty quickly. When Kai attacked Gemini, Liv asked Tyler to kill her so he could activate the werewolf’s curse and heal quickly.

This wasn’t a great example for young people watching the show, as it equates true love with sacrifice to death (which unfortunately was a recurring plot device in the series). It was setting a very dangerous standard, and Tyler’s acceptance of him was in poor shape.

Tyler tried to assault Vicky

Presented as a particularly incomplete romantic rival to Jeremy, one of the most popular characters The Vampire DiariesIn the pilot episode, Tyler came up as a rich one-note bully. While Tyler will have more character growth in the future, there is an important moment in the episode that’s hard to forget.

Vicky and Tyler’s toxic relationship went too far at a party. While they are together in the woods, Tyler becomes sexually aggressive with his girlfriend. Even after he refused a few times, Tyler tried to force himself on her, and it was a completely despicable act. Vicki ran away before he could go any further. But nevertheless, the attempted sexual assault made it difficult for audiences to believe that Tyler could be compensated or even if he should be.

Tyler’s Toxic Wrath

Throughout the first season, Tyler has been a non-supernatural hostile force toward many of the actors. While his werewolf gene wasn’t activated yet, it was clear that Tyler had a major anger problem. Although his ‘genetics’ can be to blame, the fact that no one is trying to give him any advice regarding this is a big red flag.

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Tyler has always been confrontational to the point of violence. There were a few times he harassed Stefan or Jeremy for no reason at all. Even more horrifying, his anger can feel too realistic in a show about vampires and witches.

Tyler Peled Jeremy

Even when Vicki eventually chose Jeremy, Tyler never held back from his controversial dynamic. When I struggled with one of the saddest things The Vampire Diaries: Vicki’s death took his grief to Jeremy. Never mind that Jeremy was also trying to mourn Vicki, whom he honestly loved. He displayed a level of cruelty and cruelty that was really hard to watch.

Schools should be safe places for students. There were times Tyler made it impossible for Jeremy. He called him names and didn’t give up his abuse until the end of season one. As they approached, this was still in the past.

Tyler suffered abuse from his father

Tyler’s violence had a root cause. Although linked to his werewolf gene, the Lockwoods family continued a cycle of violence and abuse. Mayor Lockwood was a heavy drinker, but he also wanted the appearance of perfection. If Tyler gets it wrong, his father will take him by brute force.

In the second season, Matt casually mentioned that Tyler was physically abused. This moment was only used to provoke Tyler to activate his werewolf gene, but it had uncomfortable effects on the city itself – basically people knew Tyler was being abused and did nothing about it.

Tyler had no free will

One of Tyler’s biggest arches The Vampire Diaries It was his struggle with Klaus. Klaus became the first vampire-werewolf hybrid and wanted to see a world full of people like him. Tyler was his first successful hybrid, but it came at a cost. Because Klaus takes away the pain of change at the full moon, Tyler had him. This means that his free will has been taken away from him.

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While Tyler tried to fight him, he couldn’t help but do Klaus’ bidding. Seeing someone forced against their will and consenting to do things they didn’t want to do was incredibly disruptive and uncomfortable to watch. The plot of the story as a whole had some satisfying and twisting implications that were somewhat taken up in The Vampire DiariesBut not as deep as they deserve.

Tyler’s next adult when he was in high school

Mystic Falls was full of broken families, none more so than the Donovans. Matt and Vicki mainly raised themselves after their father left and their mother Kelly was a part-time parent at best. In one of its manifestations The Vampire DiariesKelly and Tyler.

Matt was angry at Tyler for kissing his mother, seeing this as a betrayal by his best friend. But what was even worse was that Kelly kissed him at first. Tyler was in high school when he was a minor. She took advantage of it, no matter how complicit Tyler was in the decision.

The Lockwoods were slave owners

It’s hard to stage a show in the American South without touching on the darkest period in American history. When slavery arose The Vampire DiariesThis was done using dashed lines. The Lockwoods had a vault that was used as places for slaves, and Tyler later used it to anchor himself on full moons.

Addressing this issue was dismissive at best. Tyler’s mother has stated that her family is involved in slavery but does not want to talk about it. There was no mention of the hideous things that the Lockwood family was responsible for, as well as many other families in Mystic Falls. While that was something wrong with the show as a whole aging poorly, it was still a part of Tyler’s family history. It had to be dealt with deeply.

While Tyler’s problems with Klaus began after he lost his freedom, they grew as the original showed no remorse for abusing the paternal bond and continuing to make hybrids. Unfortunately, killing Klaus would kill the entire group of vampires he created. In order to save Tyler and the other hybrids, Bonnie put Klaus in his body.

This did not come without some dire consequences. While taking control, Klaus acted as Tyler and nearly slept with Caroline. Caroline realized this in time, but once again, the older vampire Tyler violated. She overshadows one of the best couples The Vampire Diaries.

Tyler Shamid Caroline for her romantic choices

There is no doubt that Tyler had reason to be upset with Klaus. He used Tyler, took his freedom, and murdered his mother (which is not too old for Klaus). When Caroline slept with Klaus, he hit that previously untouched nerve.

Although Tyler and Caroline separated at that point, he shamed her for her activities and for making her feel like a bad person for moving on. Although Caroline could have chosen a better partner to do so, it wasn’t something he had a say in. His insults towards Caroline were awful, especially in light of their past together.

Tyler conspired to kill Hailey’s child

Tyler’s concern about hybrids often drove him to extreme places. Add to his hate for Klaus, and Tyler ended up making some really terrible decisions. In fact, it led to one of the most disturbing scenes in originals.

After Tyler learns that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’ baby, he becomes uneasy. He knew that her child would take after the father and would eventually be able to have more hybrids. Tyler was against this concept and thought the only way to stop it was to kill Hayley’s unborn child. No matter the circumstances, Tyler’s attempt to kill a child was truly unforgivable.

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