All of the Michael Myers Halloween series masks, rated from the funniest to the scariest

Since 1978, the Halloween The movie franchise has been an October 31st classic, from the first series of Michael Myers murders in Haddonfield all the way to his return in 2018 to finish what he started with Laurie Strode. But for movies that mostly follow the same main killer, his mask goes through many changes.

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It’s no secret now that Michael Myers’ signature white mask was originally a cheap, alternate, painted mask. William ShatnerCaptain Kirk from star trek, But over the years, Michael’s mask look has definitely changed. Some movies kept the mask intimidating, while some didn’t try very hard.

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Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween: Resurrection He brought the franchise back to its teenage roots when Michael went on a killing spree for college students who took over his childhood home.

However, the mask sounds like some kind of joke. It’s as if he had plastic surgery on his mask and painted his grandmother’s eyebrows. Plus, a lip job is hard to miss.

“Halloween H20: 20 Years Later”

20 years after the unforgettable Halloween night in 1978, Michael Myers and Laurie Strode reunited at Halloween H20: 20 years later.

Except for 20 years it seemed to do miracles on Michael’s mask because it was less intimidating than when Michael first stole it from a hardware store. Because the eye holes are so big and the messy head of hair is so messy, this mask just asks for Michael to be removed. One of the most famous moments in Halloween History has seen Michael’s mask repeat in a full, hilarious CGI.

Halloween 5: Michael Myers’ Revenge

Halloween 5: Michael Myers’ Revenge He saw Michael continue to reign in terror over his young niece Jamie and his psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis.

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Michael’s mask looks a little too perfect in this fifth installment, with the hair unrealistically styled for a rampant killer and facial expressions too emotionless for Michael’s decades-long grudge against his family.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers It was the sixth film in the series and followed Michael’s potential to be more a supernatural being than a human.

For such a scary concept, Michael’s mask in this movie is just so fun. He’s now got a boy squad member’s hair and has a cute, adorable smile for his victims to look back on as they kill.

“Halloween II” (1981)

While 2nd Halloween Debuting three years after the original film, the film is shown right after the events of Halloween, With injured Laurie on her way to the hospital and Michael still at large.

The same mask was used in both films, but three years have grown up and even yellowed the mask a bit, and Dick Warlock His head was wider than the original shape Nik CastleFor some, the extension of the mask might say comedic effect. Still, sometimes it’s undeniably chilling.

“Halloween” (1978)

Halloween It was an unexpected box office success in 1978 Jamie Lee Curtis to a household name and Michael Myers in one of the most famous horror movie villains in history.

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This movie was Michael Myers’ white mask debut, years after he murdered his sister while wearing a clown mask. He may have stolen it from a random hardware store, but it perfectly embodies the constant “look” of a troubled serial killer.

“Halloween” (2018)

2018 saw Michael Myers’ triumphant return to finish what he started with Laurie Strode, 40 years after that fateful Halloween night in Haddonfield.

Michael’s mask in this movie was just the right mix of creepy and nostalgic, with a dirty, stalked face and untamed hair, perfectly flowing with older Lori’s and his glasses.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers I Just Saw It: The Slasher Returns After He Was Lost From Full Movie In The Saga, 1982 witch season.

Michael’s return came with a new and improved mask; Which was whiter and weirder than the first. Chalk it up on the lighting, but this mask is left looking pretty terrifying when it’s spotted looming in the dark.

“Halloween kills”

While it is technically the twelfth movie in Halloween franchise business, Halloween kills It was the second film in the reboot trilogy that continued the battle between Laurie and Michael.

The film leaves Michael Mask finally looking old, with a dirty wig covered in burns, after he walks away unscathed from a house fire. Unlike its predecessors, the mask has some funny facial features and a more gray color compared to its white, spotless look.

“Halloween” (2007)

In 2007, a creative filmmaker rob zombie She brought a bloody and gruesome look to Michael Myers’ story when he reworked the story of John Carpenter Halloween.

In typical zombie style, this mask was darker, with shabby hair and cracks covering the face. But the scariest part about it is the facial expressions, with noticeably angrier eyebrows compared to its 1978 predecessor.

“Halloween II” (2009)

zombies 2nd Halloween It maintains a similar theme to the original where Michael Lowry is chased into the hospital just hours after his killing spree on Halloween night.

You don’t often see Michael’s actual face – except for this short scene in 1978 Halloween Is characterized by Tony Moran — but in the Zombie sequel, there’s a bloody look on Michael’s face that’s partly disguised and he’s partly visible amid all his wounds.

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