Arrange each bout of remembrance in the Elden Ring

Defeating the many bosses in the Elden Ring is not easy, especially those with tokens of remembrance. But once you do, reaping the rewards is much more satisfying than most. Not only can you choose from an array of rewards that include weapons of remembrance, but the spells these bosses once practiced cannot be taken lightly.

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From blasts of fiery torment to conjuring a full dragon’s head, these remembrance spells are fun to cast and extremely easy to use. Here are all the spells you can get from Remembrance Runes, and where to find the bosses you’ll need to defeat to get them.

Updated September 21, 2022 by Hilton Webster: Elden Ring is one of FromSoftware’s most popular games, selling millions and attracting players all over the world. We’ve had plenty of time to think about the feasibility of things too, so we’ll go ahead and add lore to learn about these remembrance spells. These legacy tales add a bit of information to some of the game’s best spells.

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9 death lightning

The Remembrance Rune from Lichdragon Fortissax really gives you the option to choose between two spells, the first being Death Lightning. It sounds terrifying, although accumulating death light is useless outside of PvP.

When you cast this spell, you raise your hand to the sky, which summons the black gold lightning pillars to cause widespread damage to the surrounding area. This initial storm-type spell is useful when you’re not able to deal with groups of enemies at once, as it costs you 46 FP to cast. You will need 47 Faith and 32 Stamina to use it effectively.

Lor Tidbit

Among the spells that can be made from Fortissax, Death Lightning reflects their devotion to their rival and friend. The great illumination that marked them became twisted with the unfathomable death that befell Godwin and reflects how their bond can never be broken.

8 Burn oh flame!
Elden's ring is burning, oh flame!

Once the Chief of the Fire Giant used it, he called it “Burn, O Flame!” The spell was annoying and infuriating to deal with when fighting him. But now it’s your turn to inflict hellfire on your enemies and wreak havoc.

By crowning your hands with fire, you crush them into the ground, causing pillars of fire to rise from the ground and sacrifice your enemies. What’s more, it only costs 30fps.

Lor Tidbit

Unlike many other spells in the game, fire spells are blasphemy. They represent an opposition to Erdtree, and they were made by the disciples of flame, having worshiped the fire giants.

7 full moon rinalaFull Moon Elden Ring Rinal

After defeating Reinala, the Queen of the Full Moon, you will be given the option to use her mystical staff or magic: Reinala’s full moon. This spell allows you to perform magical feats that Rennala did while fighting her boss, and costs 55 FP to cast.

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Once cast, however, you’ll float and envelop yourself in a full blue moon, before aiming and shooting it at your enemy, allowing him to bear the brunt of what it’s like to literally crash into a cosmic satellite, all while canceling any sorcery it strikes.

Lor Tidbit

The magic of the Elden Ring is derived from the stars and the great magic that lies within. Some are meteors, others are twinkling stars. Rinala pulls directly from one celestial body, and that is the Moon. A cold presence that splits with Erdtree’s glare.

6 the bloodElden the blood ring

Looking to play blood mage? Mohg, the rune of the Lord of Blood’s remembrance, gives you the opportunity to add to your arsenal of blood spells by casting Bloodboon spells. You will see that Mohgwyn uses this spell with his weapon, Mohgwen’s Sacred Spear.

When you use this spell, a puddle of blood appears above you, reaches you and shoots a wave of blood flames at your enemies. This treats both the buildup of bleeding and severe damage all at once. The target is a bit imprecise but it is devastating when it hits.

Lor Tidbit

Throughout the Elden Ring, “Outside Deities” have been referred to. These beings, like the Great Will, rule over the lands between. Mog wants a new world order, however, so he’s made contact with the Formless Mother, a being that pulsates with blood.

5 Ionia scarletElden's scarlet ring

A reward from one of the most beautiful bosses, Malenia, sees the Blade of Miquella see the second stage of the Blade of Miquella transform into the Goddess of Rot. Not only is she now able to fly, but she also transforms into a gorgeous and deadly orange flower that exudes scarlet damage.

This spell is called cochineal ionic, and it causes flower petals to appear from your back like wings. Then you plant yourself on the ground, curl into a flower bud, and explode to release a buildup of crimson rot toward your enemies. If you remember getting a single shot through this move, you’ll know that this spell will come in handy for some powerful enemies.

Lor Tidbit

Like her brother, Malinia was cursed from birth with a Rott disease which her brother desperately tried to stop, though never succeeded. This rot may have resulted from accidental contact with an external deity of cochineal rot, although Malenia flower has long been in bloom.

4 Fortissax lightning spear

Similar to the ancient dragon Lansseax, the Lichdragon Fortissax uses a red lightning spear that he uses against you. The only difference is that instead of just sweeping attacks, Fortissax strikes with its lightning spears into the ground, creating a tsunami of red lightning to destroy your health.

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A truly formidable spell, choosing to use Fortissax’s Lightning Spear will grant you the powers of a Dragon God. By launching yourself into the air, you can conjure the same lightning spear and throw them for some sickening damage in the AoE area.

Lor Tidbit

Where Death Lighting showcases the unyielding adoration of Fortissax, their luminous spears display their inexhaustible strength as an ancient dragon in life. Raining from a height with red illuminations from the sky, Fortissax was close to a stop.

3 Ricard RancorHatred Elden Ring Ricard

The fight of Rykard’s boss, Lord of Blasphemi was truly a hellish spectacle of fiery torment and desolation, as the large human-faced serpent cast a torrent of fire on you. But once he dies, his power and spell are yours to use as you see fit.

By casting this spell, a crimson skull will appear and head straight towards your target. This delayed attack is followed by a series of fiery blasts, followed by a huge blast just to make sure your enemy stays dead. Usually underappreciated, it’s actually a wonderful talisman.

Lor Tidbit

The flames are forbidden in The Lands Between, Erdtree’s archenemy of the fire giants, and why they’re isolated far away. Ricard found another flame, in the depths of Mount Gilmer. A secret flame burns with such gluttony and greed that it devours him.

2 black bladeElden black blade ring

Maliketh, The Black Blade is a horror must-see, jumping and rambling around the boss’s yard with fearsome agility, as well as flinging black crimson projectiles that can shoot you all at once. After defeating him, you can choose to use his black magic and insert it into your weapon.

Once you do the latter, you can launch yourself into the air with your red glowing weapon, before shooting the same crimson-black projectiles at your enemies. It only costs 26 FP to use it. This can be incredible in PvP.

Lor Tidbit

Non-fatal death is one fact in the world of Elden Ring. Marika the rune closed death and made life eternal; A world left to rot. With Malekith defeated, death is allowed to return to the world, and you can even use a small piece of that predestined death yourself.

1 Placidusax ruinThe ruin of the Elden Ring Placidosax

The toughest dragon leader in the Elden Ring, Dragonlord Placidusax drops a spell called Placidusax’s Ruin. By throwing it, you literally summon one of the heads of Placidusax, which is raised to blast a wave of golden fire before converging into a golden beam that annihilates your enemies.

One of the annoying things about fighting the Dragonlord Placidusax is the moment it shoots a beam of fire from its mouth, where it can destroy your HP bar. Although it is very late in the game, it will be fun to run around the map and grill enemies with the head of this giant dragon.

Lor Tidbit

Upon reaching Farum Azula, a wasteland that transcends time itself, it is stunning and terrifying, the last home of dragons. You put an end to it quickly, capturing the power of the multi-headed dragon that was Placidusax, all the while spilling the blood of the dragon power to become your own.

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