Dead By Daylight Leaker claims to have crossed the line

when you think Died in broad daylightYou might think of homeless villains and horror game icons, like Ghostface and the Pyramid Head, or Michael Myers and Nemesis, but the leaks suggest a less traditional crossover — one with For Honor.

If you haven’t heard of it, For Honor is a PvP fighting game from Ubisoft that pits Vikings, Knights, and Samurai against each other, with a roster of unique heroes. Consider a Dark Souls duel with Team Fortress 2’s character system. It’s hugely popular and has managed to bounce back from poor reception at launch to mostly positive reviews on Steam, and now it may be making its way to Dead by Daylight (as spotted by PC games).

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The Gamer video today

Popular leaker DBDLeaks, known for revealing skins like Sheva and Carlos prior to the announcement and release, claims that the next chapter will contain a brand new map from a whole new world and that the entire chapter is “inspired by the #ForHonor franchise”.

Interestingly, it’s not the first time he’s skipped For Honor and Dead by Daylight. Back in 2021, For Honor held a Halloween event that brought The Trapper as an AI companion, so we can see the solstice this year. We’ll have to wait and see what actually comes up at this potential crossover.

The last big crossover came at the end of last month, with Albert Wesker emerging as the new hitter. It also came complete with Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as new survivors. Meanwhile, cosmetics brought in the aforementioned Shiva and Carlos, as well as Hank and Jill Cosplay. Maybe we’ll see some of our favorite DBD survivors dressed as knights and Vikings next, or maybe we’ll venture into some castle grounds while we escape the Trapper.

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