How to get the dark path of the Vasuma Fruit in the Jinshin Effect

If you reach Somero rainforest in Jinshin effect, and the world missions for this area have begun, you will likely have a lot of confusion because it is something we have not seen before. The developers knew what they were doing because they gave us a whole book to keep notes in.

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At some point, you will be asked to embark on a journey to find three Ashvatha corridors and get vasuma fruits who are they. The whole mission will reveal a lot of secrets about the different Aranara, and how they did their best to deal with the spread of the Marana.

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How to unlock the rendezvous quest in Ashvattha

If you are somewhat new to the game, it will require a lot of effort from you to unlock this quest in the first place. you need to Reach Sumeru area beyond LiyueAnd you’ll have to go through The Chasm to get there. After that, you have to find Femara Village in the Sumero Rainforest.

This will be much easier if you light up the area by interacting with the statue of the Seven in Sumeru. Eventually, you’ll find the village, and you can teleport to the waypoint just north of it Start the first part of the Aranyaka quest line.

At first, you will meet Rana who will introduce you to the people in a small village, including some children. Eventually, Rana will fall into a critical condition while trying to save one of the children. The first part of this mission is fairly straightforward, and you’ll encounter a zoo in it as well.

Once the second part of this quest begins, you will begin to meet Arranara, with Arana being the first one. While you go, you will meet Arama who will tell you how to make the rest of Arranara less afraid From the traveler including Al-Araji. Finally, you will be asked to help more Aranara and prepare for it Utsava Festival.

Once this dialogue is over, the task will end, and you will be asked to do a set of side quests to continue. Finding three Vasuma fruits from Ashvatha’s courtyards is one of them, and this Integrates with the main task After talking to the desired Aranara NPC.

During this mission, you are likely to encounter and Unlock the secret statue of the Seven. To find the meeting grounds of Ashvattha, go to this statue and Follow the path that leads southwest. As shown on the map, you will find Arakavi near the pond with a large tree branch in the middle.

It might be a little higher Near one of Arranara’s housesbut you will be able to find Aranara with the search world icon on the mini map.

Once you talk to Arakavi, they will tell you about it Arayasa, Aradasa, and Arasodracha Who are looking for meeting grounds in Ashvattha. You will unlock three missions after this:

  • The rhythm that leads to the dark road
  • The rhythm that nourishes the buds
  • The rhythm that reveals the brutal path

How to end the rhythm that leads to the gloomy path

after sailing The rhythm that leads to the dreary pursuit of the path, an area on the map will be marked with a yellow circle. Head to Teleport Waypoint near Gandha Hill and glide towards the circle. Once you are close enough, you will see Arama standing with another Aranara.

Talk to Arayasa and Arama, and they will tell you about The Ashvattha porch that Aranara left behind is different. After the dialogue, you need to interact with and study the pattern on the grassy rocks, and Use perspective to place the flowers in the correct position.

To be honest, this pattern is not easy to understand because it is very confusing. But all you have to do to solve this puzzle is Go to the place where the shining flower is on the far left in your perspectiveThen move a little bit until they all light up.

After you light up all the flowers, a yellow beacon will appear next to you. Use the ukulele you got in the first part of Aranyaka To play and learn a new rhythm. Arama will tell you that the rhythm belongs to the aragi, and You will use it many times To find the first vasuma fruit.

Again, a nearby pond will be marked with a yellow circle, and you can Use the green path To reach the next destination. In the middle you will see a tree with a small hut under it. Defeat the enemies near you before playing and browsing the same song in this hut.

Inside, you’ll find a WIthering area that requires some special attention. Activate the Dendro fireball pole on your right as well The hut that will be directly below you. You need to go through this second hut to find the desired Dendrograna.

Inside you will find Three Tri-Lakshana creatures around the water body. You will also have to defeat a lot of fungi during this entire process. You can apply Dendro to these branch-soaked rocks, and one of them will contain the Dendrograna you need. Interact with him and quickly return through the hut.

Once you’re out, you’ll see the first petal to wither right in front of you. Use a charged attack on it, and Dendrograna will pursue it, destroying the petal. There is also a file couple of red flowers on tree branches It will attack you if you get close so it is recommended to get rid of it as well.

You will avoid a lot of frustration if you use Bow during this entire mission. This is because, if you charge the bow for a second and throw it, It’s still considered a charged attack. Moreover, you can also reach the far petals with this easily.

Once you have done all of the above, Head towards the other end of the trench with wilting in it Where you will find another hut where you can play. Inside, you will see Dendrograna chilling in front of the Aranara Hut. Use this to erase all the petals nearby from before Heading to the main tree.

If you are having trouble finding the petals, since they are so small on the branches of the tree, take a look at the main wilting flower and Follow the red lanes that come out of it. These lead you directly to the petals.

Once again, enter the hut behind the main tree and jump on top of the rock in the other area. This will Spawn four little fungi that you have to defeat To activate Dendrograna. Go out with this to clear the final petal and spawn Marana student They are just a few fungi.

After the primary eruptive tumor is removed, you can do so Return to the main tree and interact with the yellow aura To enter the main domain. Here, you have to unlock three shards of the final portal:

  • For the first one, simply defeat the fungus in the middle Unlock the first part of the total three. Once you’re done, you can use the little hut on the left side to get into the next part.
  • Here, you can apply Dendro to the flower near you to get grappling for the next part. Defeat the fungi inside the cave and Use Dendrograna to shoot the three turntables. Return to the platform with the hut on it and head inside to find two paths.
  • On the left path, you can defeat a couple of fungi to get a common chest, and there will be Another hut gate on the right side leads you forward.
  • On the other side, activate the front mechanism to form a bridge, and Destroy the wooden branches on the other side to get the third crust. Activate the second mechanism that will produce grapples for the final gate.

Here, you will fight the final battle against a lot of fungi. Defeating them all will result in a door that will return to the outside, and will also result in the appearance of The first vasuma fruit You can claim to advance to the next part.

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