How to unlock Ariel from the Little Mermaid in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Disney He has some of the most famous animated characters around the world and you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t know anything about Mickey Mouse. Disney Dreamlight Valley It is a life simulation game that brings a group of these characters together as you try to solve the mystery of The Forgetting that has plagued the Earth.

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Once you enter the game, You are welcome MerlinAutomatically unlock your first character. More characters are unlocked as you advance in the game, and you’ll also get nostalgic journey with many of them before being sent back to the valley.

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Ariel unlock requirements

Simply, Ariel It is not one of the characters that you can unlock at the beginning of the game. At first, you can advance through the main mission line to unlock dream castle where is there Different doors belong to different characters’ worlds.

Unfortunately, Ariel is not one of those. While that, You are stranded on an island in the same field Like Dreamlight Valley, but she doesn’t remember how to get home. To bring this mermaid back to the valley, players must first Unlock the Dazzle Beach area.

At the beginning of the game, Plaza and Peaceful Meadows are already unlocked. You have to spend simple dream To unlock the rest of the areas. Moreover, you also have to go through the main task and return a file crime of friendship on its pedestal.

You will find column and orb on The left side of the peaceful meadows If you are coming from the plaza. You will have to raise three characters to a certain friendship level Open the orbat which point you can put it inside the column.

How to fix a broken raft

Once you open Dazzle Beach, you have to find a broken raft to start Mysterious wreck Search. There are two parts of Dazzle Beach separated by a bridge in the middle. This bridge contains some debris that you cannot remove early in the game.

To avoid this, you can simply go back to Peaceful Meadows and you will find a file The road to both sides. If you open your map, you will see a small island to East Dazzle Beach Where you will find the wreckage of the raft.

When you reach the raft, there will be a shovel on the ground near it. It’s out in the open and has a glossy effect, so there’s no way to miss it. After you pick up this shovel, the mission will start prompting you to do so Talk to Goofy about it. You will be required to obtain a set of items to repair the raft.

At this point, you should have Glade of Trust or Forest of Valor مناطق regions unlocked. The first area is the best option as it will allow you to get all the required materials easily. Here’s everything you need and how to get it:

  • 30 solid wood
  • 7 rope
  • 25 mud
  • 10 iron ingot

solid wood

If you have walked around the starting areas of the valley, you will find some of them lying wood that you can pick up for Softwood. Although you will not be able to find hardwood in these areas. This is the The first reason To unlock the Glade of Trust or Forest of Valor.

Once you reach these areas, you will see dark colored wood on the floor solid wood. Although these two areas are restricted because they are blocked due to some obstacles that you cannot remove at the beginning of the game. For this reason, it may take a while to get enough wood.


While it is very easy to get a Rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a few steps to that. First, you will have to get a file Table crafting from Scrooge McDuck. You’ll get one for free as you progress in his quest. Next, you have to look for seaweed around the valley.

You can find seaweed Lying haphazardly on the edges of Dazzle Beach When they are washed on the beach. Other than that you can Fish in areas where there are no ponds And you have a chance to get seaweed from it too.

Once you have a few seaweeds, head over to Crafting Table and grab some the basic. One seaweed makes five fibers, and Eight fibers make one rope. You will need 56 fibers in total to get the required amount of rope.


You’ll use another proprietary tool to get some clay. This can Either it’s too easy or it’s a nightmare Since it is based on RNG. This will be the second item that takes you to the new territories, as well as the reason why the Glade of Trust is better than the Forest of Valor.

Once you reach the area, look for muddy ground with small pools of water. using a shovel to Digging in these areas has a chance to give you some mud. You can get about one to three clays every time you get lucky with this.

Iron alloy

In each area, there are small black rocks next to the edges. Normally, you will get stone and coal apart from gems when you mine these rocks, but you can too Get iron ore if you do it in certain areas. Stones from both the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor provide you with these ores.

Do not confuse these black rocks with ordinary stone piles which are located throughout the valley. Mining ordinary rocks will only give you stones, while black rocks will give you special items.

for every Five iron ore and one coalYou can make one iron ingot on the crafting table. Since you need ten of those, you’ll need 50 iron ore and ten coal. This will be the most difficult item to obtain since there are so many limited black rocks In these areas, though, they breed regularly.

How to get Ariel in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

After you get all the items, head over to Goofy and it will prompt you Make your own crafting bench raft repair kit. Once this is done, you can use it on the broken raft you initially found to fix it. Fixing it will allow you to get on the raft and you will go to a new island where you will see Ariel right in front.

Talk to the mermaid and she will ask you to put her castle in the water near Dazzle Beach so she can go home. All you have to do now is Put her castle in the valleyAnd it will be unlocked for you. It is important to note that you You don’t have to build a castle to get Ariel.

Ariel Friendship Rewards

Once you unlock any character in Dreamlight Valley, you can Upgrade their friendship by ten levels To get different rewards. Apart from the main bonus in each level which commemorates your friendship with the character, you can also Unlock different missions after reaching certain levels.

Unfortunately, You can’t assign a mission to Ariel as you would every character On the second friendship level. This is because they stay in the water and can’t hang out with you on anything but fishing.

This leaves only two options to raise her friendship. Could you Talk to her every day and give her various gifts that she loves. There are also three special gifts that will give you extra experience every day. Here are all her friendship bonuses:

friendship level prize
Level 1 Unlocks the boat, Ariel, and her sea castle
Level 2 Mirror leather opens to decorate your home or valley
3 . level Unlocks the white fork clothing overlay that you can use with your custom clothing
level 4 Unlocks 500 star coins
level 5 Opens a cute blue top with a purple shell on it
Level 6 Unlocks bubble overlay for your custom clothes
Level 7 Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins
Level 8 Unlocks special furniture for your home or valley
Level 9 Unlocks a colorful overlay with Ariel’s shade for your custom outfit
Level 10 Unlocks a dress and suit in a blue and green color palette

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