Knicks Star RJ Barrett Puts League On Notice After Bold Message


RJ Barrett has a message.

The start of another New York Knicks season is approaching, and several players are addressing the media for the first time since the end of the season.

There was a lot of excitement last summer for the Knicks, and while they weren’t able to gain it Donovan Mitchell in Commercethey were able to sign Galen Brusson to run the point guard position.

Although they didn’t get the star guard, they were able to hold on to names like Quentin Grimes, RJ Barrett, Obi Tobin and Emmanuel Quikley, and were also able to maintain their first-round picks for the future.

They can be used to continue building through the draft, or they can decide to bundle them all into another trade.

Whatever the case, the Knicks look solid for the foreseeable future. So much so that RJ Barrett sent a message to fans and opposing teams alike in his media comments.

RJ Barrett’s Voice Off

Barrett has set his goal for the season with an All-Star Team, and it truly is the next step in his evolution that he builds on year-on-year improvement.

While this is an expected goal for him, it is what he says about him that will raise some eyebrows. according to New York Daily News reporter Stephen BundyBarrett said the Knicks will “shock the world” this season.

There are obviously a number of ways they can do that, and fans would love to see them do it through the playoffs.

Another way it could happen, and the way the fans don’t want to see it, is that the team hit bottoms and is doing worse than it was last season. That’s unlikely to happen with Jalen Bronson now on the roster and the squad much healthier than it was last season, but anything is possible.

Barrett and Mitchell Robinson both signed contract extensions, so those distractions are gone now, and the two can get out there and play ball.

Changes are required

Barrett making the leap at the All-Star level will have a huge impact on how the team performs next season.

Bronson will be a huge part of next season with him as he takes the reins at the points guard and it will be very exciting to see how everyone fits together.

Having Julius Randle get his All-Star back two seasons ago would be a big deal for the team, but there is no guarantee that would be possible. With the ball in Bronson’s hands so often this season, perhaps it becomes more likely, but only time will tell on this ending.

As it stands, the Eastern Conference is very deep and continues to improve, so even if the Knicks make the leap this season, there are many teams they will have to jump on.

The Bucks, Nets, Cavs, Celtics, Heat and Bulls all appear to be playoff lockouts, so the Knicks may find themselves with a ceiling on being the playoff team.


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