Martin Truex Jr and Kyle Busch during the 2022 season


The Kyle Bush wreck at Texas Motor Speedway.

Two members of the Joe Gibbs Racing team had several problems during the 2022 Cup Series season. Now Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. They are ready to put the year behind them and focus on the future.

The two drivers made the comments after the shipwrecks ended their days at Texas Motor Speedway. Bosch was the first to put his thoughts on the matter, explaining that it’s like driving on banana peels and pushing the #18 Toyota Camry hard. When asked what it would take to “turn the text,” Bush replied with a simple comment. “2023,” he said in conclusion, referring to his move to Richard Childress Racing.

This trip to Texas Motor Speedway was the third time in four playoff races that Busch failed to complete all laps. He had engines expiring at both Darlington Racecourse and Bristol Motor Speedway. He finished the race at Kansas Speedway, but lost his spot after a run. Then he crashed at Texas Motor Speedway.

Unfortunately Truex streak continued

Martin Truex Jr.

GTMartin Truex Jr. crashes at Texas Motor Speedway.

Like his teammates Joe Gibbs Racing, Truex has shown speed throughout the 2022 season. He has positioned himself to stage and win the race on numerous occasions, but also fails to finish five events for various reasons.

Truex has finished only one of the past four races—one of the top five at Kansas Speedway. Mechanical problems ended his events in Darlington and Bristol and then crashed at Texas Motor Speedway after he blew a tire out of the lead. This unexpected incident continued his chain of misfortune and he took a chance to break his losing streak.

“I blew the tires. Easy like that. I think its the same as everyone else,” Truex told NBC Sports after coming out of the on-court care center. “Man, I’m ready for this year to be over. Strong bass Pro Shops Camry. Really powerful car. I went back and passed a lot of cars today.

“I went out on stage one and said, ‘Well, what’s all this about?'” “Good car – you can’t do much with it. Just keep turning back and once we get the track position the unimaginable happens. It’s a shame. It’s a crazy day for sure – lots of inflated tires.”

Both drivers can try to bounce back in Talladega

Kyle Bush

GTKyle Busch races at Talladega Superspeedway.

The 2022 season wasn’t fun for Busch and Truex. They both want it to end so they can focus on their future. However, they must first finish the remaining six races while driving for Joe Gibbs Racing.

The next track on the schedule is Talladega Superspeedway, a destination known for shipwrecks and mayhem. It will provide both drivers with a chance to recover from their bad luck, provided they are able to avoid problems.

Busch had his biggest success at the Talladega Superspeedway. He’s started 34 times, scored nine of the top 10 finals and seven of the top five. This includes his win during the 2008 season, his first for a No. 18 Toyota Camry.

Truex, for comparison, has never won a super sprint race in the Cup Series. He has started 35 times on the Alabama circuit and has also scored nine of the top 10 games. Although he only has two best children.

Race drivers Joe Gibbs survived a battle of attrition during the 2022 Geico 500 race in April. Bosch finished third overall after starting at 12th while Truex finished fifth after starting in the front row alongside Christopher Bell.


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