New Mac Pro, 15-inch MacBook Air and more: Apple’s 2023 lineup revealed

Apple unveiled the M2 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro this year, but it looks like for fans who want a bigger MacBook Air, the wait will continue until next year. In a newsletter, Bloomberg Mark Gorman suggests we may see several more products in 2023, including the new Mac Pr0, a larger 15-inch MacBook Air, and the new iMac powered by the M3.

Gurman predicts that Apple may increase the size of the current MacBook Air to something “a little bit bigger” between 13 inches and 14 inches. It also appears that Apple will jump directly to the M3 iMac, rather than introducing the M2 processor. But it is not clear whether Apple will change the design.

Previously, Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicted that a 15-inch MacBook Air is on the way. Kuo earlier predicted that the 15-inch MacBook will come in M2 amd M2 Pro chipset variants. The M2 Pro will get faster charging at 67W while the base variant will charge 35W, Kuo noted. The launch date is expected to be this second quarter of 2023 or later.

The new MacBook Air isn’t the only device Apple is working on for 2023. Mark Gurman says a new, larger version of the iPad may be in the works as well, suggesting that the new device will be the 14-inch iPad Pro. Recently, another Apple analyst Ross Young said that the 14.1-inch iPad Pro will be launched in early 2023.

Earlier in June this year, the leaks also talked about a HomePod update codenamed B620. Reportedly, the updated HomePod may feature an S8 processor, a chip that powers the Apple Watch Series 8. Some reports also suggest that the new HomePod will offer multi-touch functionality.

Of course, Apple’s biggest launch of 2023 won’t be the new MacBook or even the futuristic iPhone 15, but rather the much-anticipated Reality Pro headset, due to be unveiled next year. According to some Apple analysts, the upcoming mixed reality headset may have three displays – two small OLED 4K displays and a low-resolution AMOLED panel. A powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) and central processing unit (CPU) are also expected to power the headset.


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