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Sangonomiya Kokomi is one of the most multifaceted Hydro characters in Genshin Impact. It is superior to HP in healing, but with the right build, it can also do massive damage. Also, its Hydro app is one of the best in the game, so it can be a great support unit too.

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When you consider that her passive talent, an impeccable strategy, disables the Genshin Impact meta by making it extremely difficult to use the knockout rate, her utility is even more impressive. Because of this uniqueness and versatility, the weapon you equip will determine its role in the team, and it’s not as simple as having something with Knockout Rate or Critical Damage.

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6 Amber prototype – four stars

Although it doesn’t do much for it aesthetically, Catalyst’s main stat is HP. Kokomi’s damage and healing meter both depend on her HP, so this weapon helps strengthen both sides by 9 to 41.3 percent depending on his level. Also, her passive ability would restore four to six energy and four to six percent of her HP in full every time she used a Burst, depending on the rank of her refinement.

Since Prototype Amber can be synthesized, it is one of the easiest catalysts to obtain. Its properties enhance Kokomi’s attacking and healing abilities, making it the perfect weapon for a multi-skilled Kokomi.

5 Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers – Three Stars

This catalyst is actually a popular choice to support Kokomi in his fifth rank refinement. Since it is a three-star weapon, it is relatively easy to obtain by mere wishful thinking in a gacha, and its passive use is rather beneficial. Whichever character you switch from Kokomi to will have an attack bonus of 24 to 48 percent for ten seconds depending on their refinement.

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At maximum refinement, the ATK bonus is greater than a fully level attack artifact. What’s more, Thrilling Tales’ main stat is HP, which benefits Kokomi’s healing and damage by seven to 35.2 percent, though not as much as Prototype Amber might. However, since this catalyst focuses more on supporting Kokomi, her damage output isn’t nearly as important.

4 Hakushin Ring – Four Stars

This literal Kokomi catalyst can help with either support or DPS, depending on how you use it. However, it is only useful if you use it in teams that run Electrocharge often. When Kokomi runs Electrocharge with the Hakushin loop, its passive will give Electro and Hydro party members a 10-20 percent bonus DMG base items, depending on their refinement rank.

Its platform provides 6 to 30.6 percent energy recharge, helping to constantly rejuvenate Kokomi’s Burst and allowing it to keep up with consistent Hydro application. Although it is limited to the Electrocharge difference, if you like this reaction this catalyst will probably give you better results than Prototype Amber.

3 Shards of the Sacrifice – Four Stars

You usually have to use Kokomi’s Burst if you want to reset her skill duration before she expires, but this idle trigger helps reset her skill duration without having to use a Burst. When Kokomi deals damage to an enemy with her skill, sacrificial shards give a 40 to 80 percent chance of instantly resetting the skill, depending on the rank of refinement.

If you struggle with Hydro app using Kokomi, this gun is the best for you. It gives his main stats from 48 to 221 points of item proficiency as well, making him a good pick for many aquatic elemental interactions.

2 Mapa Mari – Four Stars

This catalyst acts as a combination of the Hakushin ring and the carcass fragments. The passive gives him a bonus of eight to 16 percent of the staple of the brain after provoking an initial reaction. Since her main stat increases Elemental Proficiency by 24 to 110 points, it will give an even greater boost to Kokomi’s elemental reactions as well as the Elemental DMG bonus.

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Unlike Hakushin’s Ring, Mappa Mare is not limited to interactions based on electricity and, unlike sacrificial parts, is a weapon that can be crafted. It’s a good choice if you like enjoying elemental reactions rather than increasing Kokomi’s regular damage.

1 Eternal Moonlow – Five Stars

This trigger is usually the perfect choice for Kokomi, considering it’s her signature weapon. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get a weapon, because it is the exclusive five-star gacha gacha. But if you can get your hands on it, you won’t be taking it off from Kokomi anytime soon. Her main stats boost her HP by 10.8 to 49.6 percent, and her passive status boosts his healing bonus by 10 to 20 percent.

It also increases Kokomi’s normal attack damage based on one to three percent of max HP, recovering 0.6 Energy per normal hit after using its burst. Basically, this catalyst does everything the other catalyst does by itself, making it a valuable weapon for Kokomi.

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