The 10 most useful characters in the series

As it is a sequel to one of the most popular games in the world the legend of zelda Franchise, fans expect a lot from the future Zelda Release, Kingdom tears. Old and novice players alike expect thrilling action, shocking revelations about lore, and terrifying enemies.

Of course, more important than all of these gaming pillars are the many healthy characters that make up the heart of the series, from loyal friends like Malone to noble heroes like Sidon. What characters have the biggest hearts of all?

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Malone (Ocarina of Time)

Malone is one of the first friends Link makes outside of the Kokiri Forest for the first time in his life. I immediately liked him even though he is different from other Hellenes, unlike most Kokiri, who have long shunned him. Being a caring person, she trusts Link with Epona’s Song, and shares her relationship with her beloved horse.

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When they meet as adults, she gets to know Link as an old friend of hers and is happy to see him safely. Malone, a pure-hearted animal lover, is willing to do anything to protect the horses under her care, even staying on the farm after her father is expelled to endure the cruelty of Ingo alone.

Anju and Kafi (Magura’s Mask)

Best side order in Majora mask It is the story of lovers who are completely devoted to each other. Turned into a child, Kavey couldn’t resist when he stole his wedding mask. Instead of giving up, he flatly refuses to break his promise to Anju and works tirelessly to get him back and be reunited with her.

Everyone around Anju insists that Kafei has abandoned her, but Anju’s belief that Kafei would never treat her this way remains strong with Link’s help, even as their wedding day approaches without any sign of him. When they meet just minutes before the moon goes down, they exchange wedding masks and vow to stay together even in the face of certain death. Their proper wedding, attended by the whole city in broad daylight, is the highlight of the ending balances.

Groove (Sword of Skyward)

At the beginning of the game, Groose is hardly anyone’s definition of health. Groose, a cocky and self-centered bully, tries to sabotage Link to get ahead rather than win his own favors. But when it comes to pushing, he proves he’s pretty selfless when necessary.

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Once he falls for Link’s journey and is struck by the harsh truth that he’s not the hero here, he throws himself in to help Link and Zelda out as a friend instead, using his great strength and latent engineering skills. Fi judges him to be “pure of heart” and even the wild life of Hyrule seems totally in love with him.

Coleen (Princess of Twilight)

All the children of Ordon Village look for Link like Big Brother (maybe except for Malu, because who knows what’s going on with him), but Colin is the one he admires the most, being the only person who has absolute faith in Link to save them all. He also wants to be like Link, but at first he thinks the only way to do that is with sword fighting, which horrifies him.

However, Colin realizes that Link’s strength does not come from his strength in battle, but from his courage and kindness. It comes to a climax when Colin risks his life to save one of Ordon’s other children, who they’ve all always chosen before, from an attack from King Bowllin that would have been fatal. Despite his young age, he is on his way to being a champion too.

Medley (Wind Wicker)

When Link first arrives at Dragon Roost Island, his guardian dragon Valoo is in utter rage. This is how he meets Medli, the metropolis of Valoo. Medley doesn’t feel secure about her abilities due to the interruption of her training, but she still faces every challenge with optimism and determination to do her best, whether it’s to calm Fallow or bring the grieving Prince Kumali out of his shell.

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Later, when she learns that she is the destined successor to Earth Sage, she is sad to leave her home and all she knows. But she does not hesitate to go with Link for the good of their world, and although Komali is left behind, he is a stronger person as a result of Medli’s strong influence on his life.

Crew Tetra (Wind Waker)

Its bright and cartoon art style makes Wind Wicker It is better Zelda The games, and they fit well with character designs such as the Tetra crew of pirates. Although they are quite willing to plunder and rob (hmm be Pirates, after all), are also perfectly happy to help Link Out when they think they’re responsible for his sister’s kidnapping, and of course, ride or die for their beloved leader Tetra.

in the next match, phantom hourglass, They are still good friends with Link and hold their captain in the highest esteem. Niko even starts the game by excitedly telling a story about the brave Princess Zelda, much to Tetra’s annoyance.

Saria (Ocarina of Time)

Sariya is the first friendly match that both Link and the player have seen Ocarina of time. Always cheerful and polite, she is the only Kokiri who is really close to Link and has never looked at him because he was nothing like them. Although she is upset seeing Link leave the forest, she smiles a bright smile and encourages him, telling him that she has always known that he has a greater fate awaiting him.

One of the best songs in ocarina of time It is the sign of her love and friendship: the song of Saria. Loyal and selfless to the end, after she goes to the jungle temple to try and solve the jungle monster problem, her last words to Link before she becomes Sage is a promise that she will always be his girlfriend.

Epona (Multiple Games)

What is more useful than a loyal animal companion who will follow you through thick and thin, not just in one life, but in every incarnation in which two meet? First encountered in ocarina of time, Where she trusts Malon and Link only to ride and won’t let anyone unkind to touch her, Epona has become a staple in Link’s adventures. She is one of the characters that fans hope to return to Kingdom tears.

In many games, Epona will respond to an Epona song, an expression of her deep loyalty to Link, by coming to help Link no matter how far away. in Twilight Princess Players get a rare chance to hear her thoughts if they talk to her as Wolf Link: Unlike their human loved ones, who are supposed to have known him longer and better, Epona even recognizes her friend as a monster who hunts horses like her normally, and urges him to return to human form so they can… Travel together again.

Prince Sidon (same wilderness)

A cast of unique characters like Saida is a big reason for that Breath of the wild It is one of the best Nintendo Switch games. Amir Al-Zawra radiates positivity and enthusiasm for his duties. Although he often doubts and reproaches himself, under pressure to take on the responsibilities of his older sister Mipha who died in battle, his people all adored him.

Once he gets to know Link, a friend of Mipha’s that he’d known as a young child, Sidon becomes a loyal partner in the battle as the two team up to take on Divine Beast Vah Ruta. It motivates Link with a bright and sincere smile “I believe in you!” His honor and kindness stand out even in a game full of heroes.

There’s a good reason Link has been a beloved hero for nearly 40 years. His boundless courage and determination to help everyone he meets, no matter what, is the essence of the entire franchise. He never gives up, befriends and inspires people he meets, and overall is just a tirelessly nice guy.

He also has his fair share of great and funny moments just by being himself. From his exaggerated expressions in Wind Wicker For his friendship with all the animals in Twilight Princess He jumped in shocking pain after trying to open the boxes with a barefoot kick the same wild The link is just fun to follow these games.

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