Turn off Undo Typing on iPhone: How to Stop Message Appearing

The Iphone Undo typing can pop up at the worst possible times, even when users don’t shake their devices. It can be a real pain but fortunately, it can be stopped. Here’s how to stop the Undo Writing message from appearing.

Why does Undo Write keep showing up on my iPhone?

Undo Typing appears when the iPhone detects that you have shaken it.

How to turn off Undo Typing message on iPhone

To stop the Undo Write message on iPhone, users must:

  1. Head to the iPhone Settings menu.
  2. Select “General” and then choose “Accessibility”.
  3. In the new menu, search for “Shake to Undo” and turn it off.
  4. Congratulations, you have now turned off the Undo Write message.

If you change your mind, you can easily enable “Shake to Undo” by heading to the same location and turning the feature back on.

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