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Most of us know and love M&Ms for their colorful glazes and delicious chocolate center. They are known for being the perfect movie snacks and Halloween candy season that has to come. Yes, it’s a staple, but do you know why it’s exactly called M&M’s?

As it turns out, the answer is very simple. M&Ms are named after their founders Forrest Mars, Sr. and Bruce Morey. The lady in M&Ms simply represents Mars and Morey.

But how did the name and the dessert itself appear? Mars moved to England in the 1930s where he began making Mars rods for troops. He later encountered British soldiers eating candy-coated chocolate bars that were more resistant to melting, and given the drop in chocolate sales in summer due to temperatures and lack of air conditioning, the idea for M&Ms was born.

When Mars returned to his home country in the United States, he teamed up with Morey, son of William Morey, CEO of The Hershey Company. The partnership ensured a steady supply of chocolate during anticipated shortages of both sugar during World War II. Mori took a stake in the company, his name was added to the candy, and the rest is the history of chocolate.

Of course, over time M&A has grown into much more than just a wartime food ration. Now, pop culture is a staple thanks to the brand’s iconic M&M cartoon characters, and the candy itself has taken on new iterations like peanut-filled options and even salty versions.

While the candy will likely continue to evolve with new flavors and new adventures for those animated M&Ms, by now, you’ll always know where that title actually comes from.

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