Larry McReynolds Some tough words about Ty Gibbs


Larry McReynolds has come under some harsh criticism of T. Gibbs.

FOX Sports analyst Larry McCrinolds sent a very powerful message. He said Ty Gibbs needs to “return to Xfinity” so he can learn how to carry himself into the trophy series.

McReynolds made his point clear on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio “On the Track” on September 27. He reacted to Gibbs intentionally bumping into the side of Ty Dillon #42 on the pit road and specifically said that this accident was more serious than William Byron spinning Denny Hamlin under caution due to innocent onlookers.

“I know we don’t live in a what-if world, but when he made that move on Ty Dillon, there were Roush Fenway Keselowski’s teammates on the right side of that car,” McReynolds said. “There were two NASCAR officials standing there. And if you hear another person, or another announcer, or another human being say, ‘He’s only 19 years old.'”

Well then don’t race the Cup. Go back and turn on the Xfinity or go back and play the late models until you learn how to carry yourself. I’m not buying that. You’re in the Cup Series. I don’t care if you’re nine, nineteen, or forty-nine. You You need to know when and when not to do it.”

The incident was not covered

Ty Gibbs

GTTy Gibbs continues to serve as Kurt Busch’s replacement driver.

While this call took place on a pit road, he received no coverage during the USA Network broadcast. There was one corner overlooking the pit road that I caught in the background as reporter Parker Kligerman spoke of Kyle Larson stopping.

The only angle that made the rounds on Twitter courtesy of user @b1gnate_11 showed Dillon pulling out of his booth and communicating with Gibbs’ #23 Toyota Camry as he advanced in three directions.

Gibbs responded to the call by moving Dillon to the left and then intentionally steering him to the side of the 42. This hit sent the Petty GMS toward the officials and the RFK Racing pit crew. Dillon was able to correct his car and avoid a disastrous situation, but there was smoke in the tires as he tried to avoid a responsible trim from behind.

Questions remain about Gibbs’ future

The accident at Texas Motor Speedway occurred amid talks about Gibbs’ future. There are still questions as to whether he will move to the Cup Series after only one full-time Xfinity Series campaign.

The belief during the 2022 season was that Gibbs would indeed head into the Cup Series and take the wheel of the #18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota Camry while Kyle Busch would go to Richard Childress Racing. Dale Earnhardt Jr. made comments over the weekend at Texas Motor Speedway about Gibbs’ transition to the Cup series in 2023.

However, Joe Gibbs Racing has not provided a definitive answer. The team has remained silent about Gibbs and has not announced his future. There were quotes early in the 2022 season about Gibbs staying at the Xfinity Series for a second full-time season, but these were before contract talks with Bosch collapsed.

Will Gibbs move to the Trophy series as expected? JGR has not provided this answer yet. However, McReynolds believes the young driver still has some maturity before he makes a career change.


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