Ahsoka being the sequel to Star Wars Rebels has us worried about the ghost crew

Ahsoka Season 1 is currently in production, and news about this year’s D23 has finally confirmed that it will be a sequel to Star Wars Rebels. Not only confirmed Esfandi’s faith to play star Wars“Live motion Ezra Bridger, but first look at the photo of Ahsoka Shared where Sabine Ren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) was standing in front of her mural Star Wars Rebels‘ Conclusion. As such, it is now safe to say that a file Ahsoka The show will include the search for Ezra Bridger (and Admiral Thorne, as hinted at The Mandalorian Season 2), ensuring the Ghost Crew story finally continues. However, while this story is undoubtedly interesting, it is also fraught with danger, which may diminish the significance of the original Ghost Crew within star Wars knowledge.

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All in all, it’s no surprise that Ahsoka gets involved in Star Wars Rebels sequel. Conclusion for Star Wars Rebels, which takes place shortly after the Battle of Endor, sees Sabine and Rin team up with Ahsoka to search for Ezra after he defeats Thrawn and disappears into hyperspace. Ahsoka promised to find Ezra after he saved her life in The World Between Worlds after her confrontation with Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels Season 2. However, although Ahsoka as a supplement to Star Wars Rebels It makes sense narratively, there is cause for concern when it comes to the future of Ghost Crew in star Wars Franchise business.

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Ghost Crew consists of Ezra Bridger, his Jedi master Canaan Garros, Hera Sindola, Sabine Wren, Grazeb Aurelius and the robot Hera Chopper, who were the main characters in Star Wars Rebels. Each had a distinct personality, hopes, fears, and arcs of character and evolution. Although Canaan unfortunately died near the end Star Wars RebelsRunning for four seasons, its legacy lives on in his son and Hera’s son, Jacen Syndulla. The way the show ended, sequel to Star Wars Rebels It was almost inevitable, but it remains to be seen if Ahsoka’s live-action show is his best platform. Moving the rebels Perhaps the sequel would have been better if it had ensured that Ghost Crew would not be relegated to side characters in their own story.

Is Live-Action the Best Choice for a Star Wars Rebels Sequel?

There are, of course, several ways in which a Star Wars Rebels Supplement can be developed. Aside from continuing the story on the Ahsoka Show, there could also have been an entire animation Star Wars Rebels A sequel, using a unique animation style, or maybe there was live action Star Wars Rebels A sequel, but it focuses on Ghost Crew and not another character. While it makes perfect sense for Ahsoka to be involved in Ezra and The Crew’s ongoing story, having this main thread in her live action series automatically means the focus will be on Ahsoka. Lucasfilm cannot justify creating a show with a title Ahsoka Without making sure that she’s the main character, which means that while the story of the hunt for Ezra may come out, she’ll have to focus mostly on Ahsoka’s sharing and experiences during the hunt.

Star Wars RebelsGhost Crew deserves their story to continue, no matter what. if it was Ahsoka The show is the only way this story continues, so of course that’s still cause for celebration. The live ads for Ghost Crew members look promising so far. However, questions remain about what other pathways are Ahsoka Show can take, those you may be liberated Star Wars RebelsAnother story. Probably Ahsoka It can show her journey between being saved in the world between worlds and Star Wars Rebels An epilogue instead.

Although the animation Star Wars Rebels A sequel would be most welcome, at least the audience knows their favorite Rebels are coming back for it star Wars. Moreover, the Ahsoka It appears after the conspiracy thread left by him Star Wars Rebels“The epilogue does not necessarily mean that it will be the end of Ghost Crew. It may act as side characters in Ahsokabut maybe they will come back differently star Wars Average like the main characters somewhere down the line.

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