Lakers Jared Kendrick Nunn Looks Unhealthy After Missed Season

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Kendrick Nunn of the Los Angeles Lakers.

After one year lost with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kendrick Noone is back and confirmed he’s ready to go.

Nunn was completely allowed into camp, music to the Lakers’ ears after he missed all 82 games with a contusion to his right knee bone.

“It definitely tested my patience,” Nan said about the injury during media day. “I feel healthy now. I feel peace of mind. I would like to say I am ready. I feel as good as I felt last year at this time.”

The last time Noon was on the field was in May 2021 while with the Heat. It may take a while to find his level after the layoff period, but keeping him healthy is a simple but important step in the right direction.

“Restoring rhythm, feeling comfortable on the floor without injuries, feeling no pain and being able to play is everything to me,” Nunn said after the Lakers’ first training. “So today was a good day for me.”

Nan could compete to start the role with the Lakers

Media Day 2022: Kendrick NounKendrick Nunn takes questions about Lakers Media Day. : Get the Lakers app:…2022-09-26T21:45:23Z

Nunn was expected to be a big part of the Lakers rotation next Signing with Los Angeles Post offseason. He averaged 15.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.6 assists in 67 starts with the Heat during the junior season, landing on the All-Rookie and Finished runner-up in this year’s junior vote. He scored 14.6 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.6 assists during the 2020-21 season and was expected to be a key part of the Lakers’ rotation.

Nunn seemed set to come back a few times last season, but the 27-year-old eventually had to take a step back and recover.

“I’m sure you guys have noticed that I was always trying to dive deep back into the season and there were times where — in early January, I tried to ramp it up, and back in time,” Nan said in April during his exit interview. “And then maybe like the beginning of March, I tried to ramp it up again to get ready to play and then another setback. So, that was just telling me it wasn’t healed yet and I wasn’t ready to play. So I just had to accept that and take a step back and really sit back and let this thing Heals “.

Nunn could work his way into a key role, with new head coach Darvin Ham leaving the door open in which direction he’s going.

“We are far away. We have different options,” Lakers coach Darvin Hamm said On Lakers Media Day. We signed up with Dennis [Schroder]We signed Pat Bev, got healthy Kendrick Nunn along with Russ himself, Austin Reaves. We have a variety of options for filling our backyard.”

Noon says the Lakers camp has a different atmosphere

Noon is one of only six players to return from last year’s Lakers squad, which was an insurmountable disaster. Despite some high expectations, the Lakers finished 33-49, and missed the post-season. Frank Vogel was fired after only two seasons of the championship series and Hamm was brought in as his replacement.

Nan noticed a new ambiance in the building after the first practice under the supervision of Hamm and his staff.

“Put some house rules in the movie room,” Nan said, on ESPN. “It’s definitely a different atmosphere once you get in… It’s a different atmosphere with the new coaching staff. Coach Hamm comes in and does the things he wants to do. And guys buy in.”

The Lakers began pre-season on October 3 against the Sacramento Kings.


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