NBA CEO predicts Lakers may target Sixers sniper


Furkan Korkmaz leads #30 of the Philadelphia 76ers to the basket after owner Monk #11 of the Los Angeles Lakers during a 126-121 76-second win.

Teams around the NBA are getting a first look at their roster as players enter the field for the start of the 2022-23 season. For Philadelphia 76ers, there was a sense of positivity radiating from camp as the team builds its chemistry in South Carolina. However, the squad currently has 17 players on the rosters in 15 places and will have to settle that before the regular season deadline.

The NBA CEO thinks the Lakers will show interest in Korkmaz

The team that still has a number of questions about the future of their roster is the Los Angeles Lakers. They hope for a much better season after the record 33-49 last year. As they look to finalize their chances of winning this year, Korkmaz has emerged as a potential business target. According to a Western Conference executive speaking with Sean Daveney of Heavy Sports:

“Korkmaz is out of Philadelphia, he’s a logical person to target if the Sixers are able to upgrade elsewhere. If they are looking for depth in the backcountry, then swapping Korkmaz away for (Kendrick) Noun makes sense,” said Deviny’s CEO.

The Turkish Sniper is an intriguing candidate at a low price coming out of the worst season of his career to date. The Lakers will be looking to improve their perimeter shooting to provide proper spacing between floors this year. During the 2021-22 season, the team Rank 21st place in three-point ratio and 17th in three-point attempts. No player on the Lakers roster shot more than 40% from depth last season (at least 70 attempts) which would make Korkmaz’s long-range ability a positive addition.

Is Korkmaz spendable on sixes?

While the 25-year-old has been warmly received in Philadelphia and is the longest-serving member of the Sixers outside of Joel Embiid, tough decisions must be made. The Sixers have made bench promotion a major priority this off season and added De’Anthony Melton, Danuel House, Montrezl Harrell and PJ Tucker as a result.

This newfound depth makes the Korkmaz less important on the list. His defensive shortcomings limited his ability to stay on the field for long periods and declining his career 28.9% three percentage points In 2021-22 forced him off shift. He has recently opened up about continued nerve damage in his hand last season which played into his difficulties and has spent two months rehabilitating the problem this summer. While this is cause for optimism, the Sixers clearly targeted more well-rounded spinning bits and Korkmaz might not have the role he used to if he stays on the roster.

More deeply than it has been for several years, Korkmaz could find himself on the move ahead of the regular season. Making a deal in which the Sixers send more players than they give back is very attractive because it will help solve roster issues and avoid cuts. Korkmaz and Matisse Thybulle are theorized to be potential candidates for this type of deal due to both their unique capabilities and the financial flexibility that their contracts provide.

While Kendrick Nunn was the player raised by the Western Conference CEO, Daryl Morey will likely prioritize adding a draft and picking finances rather than the player who will return in return if the trade starts to pay off.


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