The deadliest killing scheme in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

By the time you reach it Danganronpa V3You would definitely expect features straight from the left field. However, V3 still manages to have some surprises. While we were excited to return to the series and solve more classmates’ murders, two modes of this game already existed – even by Danganronpa’s standards.

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As always with these games, some plots were in some ways a little more interesting than others. Then again, it’s not just Danganronpa if you haven’t been left in awe, either in the in-game killer or in Spike Chunsoft for some of their goofy creative ideas.

This article contains spoilers for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

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6 Angie Yonaga

The plan was never to kill the divorced artist – she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happened right after I gathered a student council to stop another senseless killing, after all the work of making statues of people who had died up to that point, trying to revive them.

Kuricio was preparing to commit another murder when Angie found him in search of a candle, hitting her on the head with the floorboard he was cutting before returning it to her research lab. After snatching a katana from his own lab down the hall, he returns to the art lab and stabs Angie through her neck.

Killing her was not unruly – it was just bad luck.

5 Ryoma Hoshi

Ryoma’s trial for justice afterwards many red herring; You’ve just slipped into the shoes of a different protagonist, and you care so much about the magic show and worry about Himiko that Ryoma’s death seems to have come from nowhere.

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But that wasn’t the case for him, as both Kirumi and Ryoma were greatly influenced by their videos. Kirumi learns that she is the de facto Prime Minister of Japan, and is trying to escape a murder game in order to save her people. On the other hand, Ryoma learns that he has absolutely no one to go back to, completely shattering his soul.

By the time Kirumi goes to Ryuma’s laboratory to kill him, he has lost his will to fight and is not trying to stop her. He turns his back to Kirumi, realizing what she’s going to do, and doesn’t fight as she sinks and later drowns him – ridding himself of his body using piranhas from Himiko’s magic show.

4 Tenko Chabashira

We’ve already touched on the deaths in Chapter 3 with Angie, but Tenko was the original target of the Korekyo murder plan – which Anji stopped preparing for, leading to her unfortunate death as well. Tenko was with the group the next morning when they discovered Angie’s body, and they agreed to help with a Korekiyo session to try and find out what had happened.

Desiring Himiko for a chance to speak to Anji, Tenku volunteers to be the “spiritual mediator” of the ritual. Unbeknownst to anyone, Korekiyo hid a sickle-like weapon inside the cloth that he used to cover the cage Tenko was tucked under.

With Tenko bent over placing a child in the cage for her role in the ritual, Korekiyo sneaks across the room while the lights are off and carries out the plan Angie went about setting her up. He tucks the floorboard under Tenko, pushing her off the ground, with the back of her neck in line with the weapon. He sneaks back to his place before the room is lit up again, “discovering” her murder along with the others.

3 Mio Iruma

To be fair, when Miu Iruma, the ultimate inventor, was killed, she was trying to kill someone herself. When you discover Neo World in Chapter 4, she spent some time reworking its code after learning that it was meant to be a killing game simulation.

Rewriting the program allowed her to change the world of virtual reality. After her manual work, all things were unbreakable within the program, but there was a wall that only things could pass through – and Kokichi would freeze completely if Miu touched him.

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Kokichi saw what was happening, and decided to act when Miu brought them all to the Neo World, telling them it might be a way to escape. He heads to the rooftop of the mansion to feed Miao, and takes Gonta out with a roll of toilet paper Mio had made unbreakable, choking her with it. Unbeknownst to Gonta, he shuffled some wire into his helmet, and returned to the real world without remembering the murder. However, he must pay for it regardless, having been convicted during the trial.

2 Rantaro in front of me

When do we meet Ultimate??? He is named that way because he says he doesn’t remember his talent. However, he seems to have an idea of ​​killing games, on high alert when he sees he’s locked up in a school with 15 other teens.

However, he was lying – he she did Remembering his talent, thanks to the Survivor Perk Monopad he got, he knows he’s the ultimate survivor after having lived through the previous killing game. His Monopad contained an entire map of the school, including the hidden room the Mastermind used as headquarters on the site. He didn’t trust anyone at the school enough to share this information with them yet, and set out to check it out on his own.

When the door opens, it triggers Shuichi and Kaede’s motion sensor, causing them to believe that the mastermind was on the move. Kaede slips the ball into an elaborate position, which only stuns Rantaro instead of hitting him. However, Tsumugi was aware of this, and used it as a distraction to hit him with a volley of his own. She hides Kaede’s faulty ball and replaces it with a blood ball, convincing Kaede and eventually the classmates that Kaede was black from the first act.

1 Kokechi Uma

The most divisive character in V3, people either loved or hated Kokichi. Say what you will, at least he was trying to finish the killing game. He tells everyone that he is the leader of the cult that was trying to kill the Ultimates, hoping to lead them to so much despair that they won’t kill each other while taking Kaito hostage to come up with a plan.

She accuses Maki of trying to save Kaito by shooting Kokeichi with poison arrows, but Kaito stops her by taking one of the shots in his place. Kokeichi pretends to drink the antidote to the poison, which makes Maki believe that Kaito will die and she will be black because of it.

However, it turns out that Kokichi was a good guy all along – he made Kaito rush into a plan to create an unsolvable murder and force Monokuma to finish the game. The pair go through elaborate steps to make it look as if Kaito is being crushed by the giant press, swapping roles at the last second so that Kokichi dies and Kaito is left alive to fulfill the last part of the plan. Kaito hides in one of the Exisals and uses his voice-changing job to act as Kokichi during the trial, carrying Kokichi’s posthumous wish to try and stop the killing game.

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