Best Aspires for cube 8 in Dislite

The best defense is a good attack, and you have a lot of stuns in Dislyte.

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There are many challenges to face Dislite. As you improve your Espers teams by leveling them up and equipping them with relics, the encounters you encounter get more difficult – but the rewards get bigger. With more than 80 Espers to build your team, the game offers a changing landscape of challenges.

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The main story gives you a great background, while the various boss battles in the Sonic and Ritual Miracle and Desolate Lands trials are hard to master. Later, when you want to fight groups outside of PvP, the towers inside the Infinite Miracle also offer some very challenging battles. But late in the game, the difficulty levels increase Cube Miracle is one of the toughest challenges For everyone.

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Best apertures for cube level 8

Probably Remove your buffs and slow down. The better you can prepare for this, the better chance you have. Also, at level 8, your enemies will have much more health than you’re used to and a speed you can’t compete with. For this reason, try to do as much real damage as possible. They can also pack a massive punch, with the potential to kill a single shot on your Espers. So, Hitting and killing your enemies quickly is usually a better option From trying to heal and withstand a longer battle.

DPS Aspire

Anisidora Gift of the Gods gives your team SPD Up and takes down Pandora’s Box on enemies. If he sticks to two courses, it reduces their health by 40 percent and stuns them.
Chalmers True Nuker deals extra damage based on the target’s max health, with Buff Blocker placed on them.
renal The large if random damage, combined with Buff Blockers and Buff Stealing, means Chloe can cause absolute mayhem.
Hyde Hyde dispels buffs and heals by doing so. Immune to buffs but also slashes, he survives the first fatal attack he receives while also healing.
Li Ling The real damage on each of his main abilities, one single target, and one group make it one of the best Espers you can use in Cube.
Pritzker His main attack on the Name of Wisdom hits all enemies with a 60 percent chance of stun. His basic ability also has an 80 percent chance of shocking the enemy, while his passive abilities increase the enemy’s cooldowns by one round if they can’t act.
Al-Triki Trekkie always hits, while passive maneuver enemies who have error timers drop, a common situation in high-level challenging cube battles. He also extends debuffs, while his basic attack can stun.

espers support

Asenath Increases the AP of all your allies, heals them, and can improve your team to reduce the damage dealt. She can dispel her basic attack buffs.
Al Dhale’ Boosting the AP team by 25 percent is very beneficial, especially along with the rest of its buffs. In addition, its ability to apply SPD Down, Freeze and Stun is also relevant here.
ira Her main attack Seabreeze Sonata inflicts a two-cycle SPD Down, as well as an AP Down, on all enemies.
Gabriel Immunity can be a huge help here, while its good amateur spread and oils are useful against a wide range of enemies.
Long Mian SPD Down and Freeze with a cool touch can be game-changers, beautifully supported by even more SPD Down buffs in its standard attack. It also has the ability SPD Up Captain.
Lucas The Blessing of Phobos has a 75 percent chance of Shock and Hit all enemies, with AP also increased. His primary attack also steals the AP from the target.
Sally If you are going to take a therapist, take the best. Ahmed It can also work well, as his ability on the world stage reduces the ability of all allies to slow down by one.
Sienna World AP’s Wrath removes the enemy and can also stun, while Earth’s grace increases ally’s SPD and attack speed.

What are the best effects in the eighth level cubes?

There isn’t a lot of reason to move outside of the trails you’re usually comfortable with. However, given that damage to your enemy is a big problem here, and the fact that you can replay fights up to a certain limit, keep in mind tyranny of Zeus. It has a 20 percent chance of being stunned and is especially useful on Espers who attack with AoE effects.

Tips for working with The Cube Miracle

  • Repetition: The Cube Miracle is available at all times, but you can only complete it once every two days.
  • starting level: Once you choose your entry level, and enter the map, it is set to run for 2 days and cannot be changed.
  • skull sizes: There are three difficulties in the battle – scary (the simplest), crazy (hard), and the ultimate (the last battle). Plan your route carefully, as once you start walking some trails, you can’t change the route.
  • Losing sounding and escaping from battles: If your Esper dies at any point while running, you cannot use it again until the Cube is reset. If it looks like Esper is about to die, you can “leave” the battle (via Settings) and start over. This also Very useful if using Espers whose abilities are randomwhere you can keep trying until you get the most out of it.
  • amplifying rune: You will get many opportunities to amplify the runes as you work in the maze. Do your best to take it, as it will give you a huge advantage.
  • Defeat individual enemies: Any enemies you defeat in battle are gone forever, so if you have enough enemies to try again, you’ll have fewer enemies to contend with. So, if you think you are going to lose, at least try to focus on killing one or two enemies right away.
  • consumables: If you’re struggling to complete the last battle, consider the next round of sending an initial nukes suicide attack force to try to eliminate at least one enemy, making the task easier for your main team. Good targets are SPD and AP manipulators and big damage dealers.

What are the best Cube Miracle supports?

This will vary depending on what type of Espers you use while running, but the following runes are always useful:

  • Rune Conqueror: This gives you an elemental advantage for Espers against enemies of the same element, in addition to the usual advantage over their weak element. If you can inflate it later, you will have a elemental advantage against all enemies.
  • talisman of fortune: Each Esper has a 20% chance of taking an extra turn each time he acts – that’s an average of one extra action per full round your team takes. Even better, even an extra turn can make for an extra cornering.
  • hallucination rune: All enemies start the battle with sleep, or stun if amplified. This is important later, as it is very difficult to compete with the speed of enemies at the eighth level of The Cube.
  • Ron Shockstrike: Allied strikes have a 30 percent chance of reducing the target’s AP by 25 percent. Again, since they are so fast, any opportunity to reduce their speed should be seized. Especially good if you have a lot of AoE Espers. If you can inflate it, it can also stun.
  • ron curses: This can add blocks of venom piles to enemies, especially if you head down the path of AoE Espers.

Finally, if you really can’t beat the Cube Miracle at the eighth level, don’t be discouraged. The rewards for the sixth and seventh levels are not much less, so it may be better for you to beat them quickly and easily, even if you manage to defeat the eighth.

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