Cam Dantzler Vikings in danger of losing their starting role

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The Vikings’ second-round pick is Andrew Booth Jr. “close” to the clothes in his first NFL game after sustaining a quadruple injury in his first three games.

The Minnesota Vikings were missing out on the third year of a Cam Dantzler corner kick in Week Two against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The starting corner, after covering a pair of big plays in the first half, was quietly on the bench by the coaching staff. He bounced back, playing every defensive hit against the Detroit Lions last Sunday.

However, his job is not nearly as secure as previously thought.

KSTP’s Darren Wolfson revealed that with a pair of bullish corners pressing for playtime, Dantzler could lose his grip on his primary role.

Zulgad: “Frustration” with Cam Dantzler could open the door to rookie angles

On September 29, the program . broadcast SKOR NORTH audio notationWolfson revealed that with Andrew Booth Jr. returning in the second round from a four-way injury soon, it may not be about whether, but when Booth takes the outside starting point from Dantzler.

Given that fourth-round rookie Akayleb Evans took Dantzler’s place in the Eagles’ second half, Wolfson added that he wouldn’t be surprised to see any of the starters start taking pictures of Dantzler.

“I definitely see Andrew Booth Jr. as a start. They really love Mizu’s kid, Achilles Evans,” said Wolfson. “Don’t be shocked if Dantzler continues to fight for a series or two on Sundays if we see Evans right away…but for now it’s still Cam Dantzler’s work.”

SKOR North’s Jude Zolgad added that it’s not about ability for Dantzler, who made several closing performances in his young career, but about mental errors.

“Dantzler, I think he’s a talented player, I don’t think he’s in the right place often. I think there is frustration in training,” Zolgad said. “I wonder if Booth will end up challenging him here. They obviously love him, he’s got some first-team shots at training camp. I wouldn’t be shocked if Booth could stay in the field constantly if there was a switch there in the starting quest if Dantzler continued to struggle with quests, more than anything else [else]. “

Head coach Kevin O’Connell addressed Dantzler’s appointment in week two, saying the coaching staff wanted to take a look at Evans, however, ESPN’s Kevin Seifert read the lines and also found the move intriguing.

O’Connell downplayed starter CB Akayleb Evans to replace starter Cameron Dantzler. He said Dantzler remains a rookie but added, “We’ve talked about maybe getting Akayleb some time here and there,” Seifert chirp. “An interesting thing to watch. The game was not out of control.”

Vikings defense struggles to stop pass

Dantzler’s biggest mistake of the season came early on against the Eagles, where instead of sticking to his receiver, he was called off on an off road that wasn’t his mission.

But after getting past that play, the Vikings’ defense as a whole has allowed the shallow roads to cross to move the chains a lot in the past two weeks. It’s been hard to watch the bend-and-not-broken mentality soft zone coverage over the past two weeks.

But when asked if it was by design or error, veteran linebacker Jordan Hicks Wolfson told there has been a miscommunication in coverage over the past two weeks as the defense continues to adopt the Ed Donatel defensive coordinator system.

The Vikings’ defense allowed two yards per game (413.3) in three weeks, however, they also ranked ninth in points allowed per game (19.3).


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