Candice Cameron Bure opens up about sex and healthy marriage


Candice Cameron Bure attends the Hallmark Channel Tour, Hallmark Movies and TCA Winter Mysteries.

Candice Cameron Bure, a former Hallmark artist, has opened up in a new interview about her sexuality with her husband. She indicated that she didn’t want to over-sharing, but she went over several points that she clearly felt a strong need to share. The Great American Family star has been married to her husband of 25 years, and they have raised three children together. Bure recently opened on “Mim Bialik’s collapse” The podcast and some of what she shared might surprise her fans.

Puri and Bialik covered a lot of ground

The podcast featuring Bure covered a lot of topics. The two women talked about being a child star and how it affected them as adults. Both admitted to campaigning for having a schedule in place and being perfect, and that moved into a discussion about sex, intimacy, and laughter. Bialik asked Bure to share her thoughts on laughter and sex and she joked, “I mean, I don’t need to know your sexual schedule,” with Bure sarcastically saying, “We don’t have a schedule for that.”

“Laughter is one of my love languages,” Puri explained, adding that she grew up with a lot of comedy in her life. On the other hand, her husband was raised in Russia and tends to be more conservative and serious. “So, when there’s this fun, there’s nothing that makes me happier and more drawn to it.” Puri noted, “Obviously, sex is important and I hate that sex in marriage gets such a bad rap.” The “Fuller House” star added, “I think sex is given as a gift from God to be within the constraints of marriage and this is something to celebrate.” Besides, she believes that sex is “a blessing on marriage and commitment to someone”.

Bure has opened up about sex in a healthy marriage

The Great American Family star has sometimes admitted that it becomes a common joke that couples who have been married for a while may not have much sex. Puri noted that she wasn’t trying to share too much or “drag my kids out,” but believes that “it’s important to share what a healthy sex life can be like in a marriage.” The artist explained that sex is “an important part of the relationship…that we still love each other physically, you know, spiritually, mentally, all things.”

Puri admitted, “I’m a happier person and my husband is happier when we have some.” Bialik shared her thoughts on how sometimes sex is not just about sex, but is often greatly influenced by the couple’s relationship in everyday life. Puri agreed, but added, “There are days when it comes to sex for sure.” She admitted that her husband “would be offended” if she shared too much, but elaborated, “Some days you just need to let go, and it’s just about sex.”

The interview was a hit among Bure fans, and it impressed at least one critic. A lot of people who remember the two from “Full House” and “Blossom” were enchanted by seeing them together. One person also commented on Puri Instagram Page, “You guys are so cute!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you guys do anything together!! I love you both alone but you’re just adorable together!!” One pointedCandice swears, gets angry, and is she happy to show some of her weaknesses? Man, that aspect of her is so refreshing.” else He confessed“I wasn’t a fan of Candice as an adult, but this interview helped straighten that out. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a little bit from a different side of her.”


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