Gwen Brown celebrates her sixth birthday with GF

Sister Wives’ Guydinen Brown is proud of her latest relationship achievement as she celebrates six months with partner Beatrice Queiroz.

Gwen Brown from Sister wives She took to social media to celebrate the six-month anniversary of dating her best friend, Beatrice Queiroz. The couple has been going strong for a while now. Cody and Kristen Brown’s daughter has been quite frank about their new relationship, leaving fans to wonder if Beatriz is that one.

With 10 years of television under her belt, Gwen definitely knows how to make a good first impression. Growing up in the spotlight at TLC, Gwen was able to embrace new adventures that might not have crossed her path. In September 2020, the 20-year-old posted on Twitter that she was bisexual, revealing that she had never been in the closet. Since Cody and Kristen’s divorce, Gwen has publicly supported her mother while also ignoring her father. Despite watching her parents separate, Gwen manages to find true love for her.

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The Sister wives The star proudly shared some exciting news via her Instagram account. Gwen She posted that she has been officially dating Beatriz for half a year. Gwen posted a series of photos that showed the TLC star smothering her friend with hugs and kisses. Cody’s daughter shared that she misses making her chocolate fondue and that she missed it “Pay attention to her planning skills.”

Sister Gwen Brown’s wives dispel talk of pregnancy

Gwen raised eyebrows Sister wives Fans showed after her Instagram story that Beatrice is holding what appeared to be a baby bump. Gwen joked that the couple also posed for maternity photos, but later noted in the comments that she wasn’t pregnant and it’s fair “swollen”. Gwen was seen wearing a black and white dress, while Beatriz was wearing a white button-down shirt with black pants. Gwen’s relationship was progressing rapidly. Sister wives Viewers will remember that the couple recently moved in with each other after just four months of dating. The happy couple showed off their new home with pictures of their packing boxes, while Beatriz was trying to put together an IKEA bookcase.

Sister wives Season 17 started with great fanfare. Gwen’s mother, Kristen, finally stood up to Cody, revealing that she had decided to leave her. During the most recent episode, Kristen shared that Gwen chose to stay in Arizona rather than move to Utah. While Gwen supports her mother, she appears to be making strides into adulthood and finally focusing on herself and what she wants out of her life.

Sister wives It airs on Sundays at 10PM ET on TLC.

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source: Gwen Brown/ Instagram

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