Kingdom Hearts 2 player can’t beat the boss, summon mom for a surprise win

Video game broadcaster and voice actress ‘Frankie Taylor Scott’ struggles with the head of Kingdom Hearts 2 on live broadcast, until her mother steps in to help.

a Kingdom Hearts II A player who was able to defeat a very difficult boss thanks to the help of her mother who was watching. The Kingdom Hearts The series is known for its main battles, and fans have flocked online for tips and advice on how to beat them. This is no different, only the Internet did not help this time.

Kingdom Hearts It is a remarkably popular video game franchise, but it is not without its problems. For example, file Kingdom Hearts The Switch port has warned players to try it out at some points due to improper use of cloud technology. Even when working properly, the Kingdom Hearts The series has hosted several bosses that prove to be a particular challenge for players to try to beat.

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Video game voice actor and streamer Frankie Taylor Scott I tweeted a video of it Kingdom Hearts II A live broadcast shows she is struggling against one of these bosses, and her mother stepped in to help add, “I know what to do!“A combination of quick magical attacks, timed blocks, and just-in-time help from Chicken Little leaves Taylor Scott in awe, as she encourages her mother and wonders how she managed to do it. The video ends with a triumphant and bewildered mother Taylor-Scott can now explore the rest of.” Kingdom Hearts 2Pirates of the Caribbean world in her spare time.

Kingdom Hearts bosses are some of the toughest

There is no denying that many presidents from Kingdom Hearts II lean on Final Fantasy Side of the intersection, and can not be very difficult. Some of these boss fights will require endless attempts and possibly internet searches on how to defeat them. There was nothing wrong with Frankie helping her mother here. anyway Kingdom Hearts II Already hosted an exceptionally difficult boss fight against Sephiroth, an additional secret boss has been added to the revised version, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 RemixHe is considered one of the toughest JRPG bosses to defeat.

Kingdom Hearts It is known for its unforgettable characters and worlds based on some of Disney’s most beloved films, as well as its beautiful trailer by Yoko Shimomura that is shown in live shows globally. Fans have the unique experience of feeling nostalgic from every world while experiencing something completely new. Many of these fans became parents, and now witness the same struggles and memories as their children play through the series. Helping parents in a game like Kingdom Hearts II It can be an unforgettable moment for kids and parents alike, which is more than evident in this video.

source: Frankie Taylor Scott / Twitter

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